2001 Kawasaki KDX 125


With the KDX, you can immediately explore the beaten track. The aesthetic has been around for a long time, kawasaki knowing how to preserve the essential. This TT machine has everything you need to indulge in the joys of Motocross. First a perimeter tubular frame that is both light and rigid, combined with an inverted fork and a set of disc brakes.

The sporty 2-stroke mono with liquid cooling, exhaust valve and 6 gearbox provides good performance when riding on rough terrain. The saddle is sporty, but the suspensions combine efficiency and respect for the lower back. With its legal horses, the KDX is already a very efficient machine in the middle of clods of earth and stones – Additional luck for the other countries: a good unclamping would provide 24 horses in freedom, with as a bonus almost 2 mkg of torque. A beautiful machine to have fun.

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      your2001 Kawasaki KDX 125

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      • Max speed:
        sup 130 km / h
      • Consumption
        medium: 5.50 l

      The technical aspect

      2001 Kawasaki KDX 125

      • Frame
      • Frame: Perimeter in steel tubes
      • Tank: 9 liters
      • Seat height: 860 mm
      • Length: 2150 mm
      • Wheelbase: 1,400 mm
      • Dry weight: 107 kg
      • Train before
      • Telehydraulic inverted fork Ø nc, deb: 275 mm
      • 1 disc Ø 250 mm, 2 piston caliper
      • Front wheel:

        – 21

      Kawasaki KDX 125 2001 technical

      • Transmission
      • 6-speed gearbox
      • Secondary chain transmission
      • Rear axle
      • Mono-shock absorber, deb: 275 mm
      • 1 disc Ø 220 mm, 1 piston caliper
      • Rear wheel:

        – 18

      • Motor
      • Single cylinder
        , 2 stroke
      • Cooling: Liquid cooling
      • 1 carburetor Ø 28 mm
      • inlet by valves
      • 124 cc
        (55 x 52.4 mm)
      • 24
        at 8,500 rpm
      • 1.90 mkg
        at 8000 rpm
      • Weight ratio /
        : 4.46
        kg / hp
      • Compression: 8: 1
      • Crit’air:

      Detached pieces


      chain kit


      2001 Kawasaki KDX 125

      2001 Kawasaki KDX 125

      2001 Kawasaki KDX 125

      2001 Kawasaki KDX 125

      2001 Kawasaki KDX 125

      2001 Kawasaki KDX 125

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