25 years of the Yamaha SR 500

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25 years of the Yamaha SR 500

25 years of the Yamaha SR 500
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Anyone looking for a simply structured street stew will almost inevitably end up with the classic SR 500. However, those interested in used should note a few points.

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The unbridled increase in displacement and power output fueled the motorcycle boom in 1978 when Yamaha with the SR 500 created an attractive contrast in the showrooms of the dealers.

Character instead of high-tech was the motto of the advertising strategists for the classic, simple street single-cylinder in half-liter format, which, with its simple technology and the modest output of a maximum of 33 hp, paves the way
back to the motorcycle «. And the message got through. The SR 500 quickly became the most popular in this country-
sold motorcycle and was almost on
to be found on every street corner. With its low price and manageable technology, the SR 500 was and is practically the VW Beetle of the motorcycle scene. And as with the Wolfsburg Evergreen, SR models of the first years (type 2J4) in their original condition have become rare. Most were simply used up in tough everyday life. The single cylinder does not like long full throttle journeys, just as negligent maintenance or dubious tuning measures. Who is for a Yamaha SR 500 interested, should be aware that the single cylinder does not match the mileage
modern, water-cooled engines. Usually after 20,000
a general overhaul of pistons, cylinders and possibly also the cylinder head is due up to 30,000 kilometers. If you have no screwdriving experience, you will drive better with the more stable model 48T from year of construction 1984, which was only removed from the Yamaha Germany sales program at the end of 1999.

Market situation
The SR 500 was a huge success for Yamaha. A total of 38,328 buyers opted for the stew. Today the Federal Motor Transport Authority (Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt) still has a stock of around 21,000 units, which is offset by constant demand for used vehicles, albeit at a significantly lower level than before. Due to the SR’s debut 25 years ago, the proportion of handicraft boxes with high mileage is disproportionately high. Such specimens usually change hands for less than 500 euros, while collector’s prices are now being demanded and paid for well-maintained and technically overhauled models from the first few years (2J4) in series production-
those, some of which are above the original price of around 2300 euros at the time. But even for the SR 500 in a comparable condition, the price range is wide, because there are no guideline values ​​according to Schwacke or DAT quotations for years of construction before 1993, the price
So according to the principle of supply
and demand results. In the case of the SR
However, the Schwacke list is not of great help anyway, because it, for example
the dealership price of a 1995-
Model (70,000 kilometers) to 1700 euros
prized ?? an amount that stands out at such
high mileage can hardly be achieved. A detailed comparison of the offers is therefore particularly recommended for the SR 500.
The most attractive SR-500 models are those of the type 48T built between 1987 and 1990. These can still be legally used
34 HP are dethrottled and have
the more stable technology and the larger 14-liter tank. In addition, from year of construction 1988 you have the choice between disc and drum brakes in the front wheel.
If you are not familiar with SR, you should go to
Take an expert with you to a used vehicle, who can better classify the mechanical expressions of life of the single. A strong rattle indicates a worn piston, while a loud click from the
Cylinder head can be an indication of a worn valve train, especially in the year of construction up to 1983. Other weak points of the single cylinder are high oil consumption with mileage from 20,000 kilometers, rusted swing arm bearings and defective alternators (until 1983), bent main stands, worn struts and various vibration damage Manifold (until 1980), side covers, license plate and exhaust holder. With mileage over 25,000
Kilometers you should also consider the upcoming overhaul of pistons and cylinders, if not already done.

5/1978 (T); 7/1978 (VT); 8/1978 (VT); 5/1982 (LT); 8/1982 (T); 7/1983 (VT); 9/1984 (T); 16/1984 (VT); 13/1985 (VT); 9/1986 (VT); 12/1987 (VT); 5/1988 (MR); 8/1991 (T); 8/1992 (VT); 16/1992 (VT); 21/1993 (VT); 10/1995 (VT); 26/1998 (MR)

www.sr500.de; www.kedo.de; www.wunderlich.de; www.egu-motoren.de; www.

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25 years of the Yamaha SR 500

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Technical data – Yamaha SR 500

Technical data (model 48T) Engine Air-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke engine, an overhead, chain-driven camshaft, two valves operated by rocker arms, crankshaft with roller bearings, dry sump lubrication, a constant pressure carburetor with accelerator pump, Ø 34 mm, contactless transistor ignition, no exhaust gas cleaning, kick starter, three-phase alternator 160 watts , Battery 12 V / 12 Ah, bore x stroke 87 x 84 mm, displacement 499 cm3, compression ratio 9.0: 1, nominal output 20 kW (27 hp) at 6000 rpm, max. Torque 41 Nm (4.2 kpm) at 3000 rpm Power transmission Primary drive via gear wheels, mechanically operated multi-disc oil bath clutch, five-speed gearbox, O-ring chain. Chassis Single-loop tubular steel frame with split lower pulls, telescopic fork, standpipe diameter 35 mm, two-arm swing arm made of steel tubes, two Suspension struts with adjustable spring base, front disc brake, Ø 298 mm, single-piston floating caliper, rear drum brake, Ø 150 mm, tire size front 3.50 S 18, rear 4.00 S 18 / h 150/105 mm, seat height 810 mm, tank capacity 14 liters, weight with a full tank 170 kg, permissible total weight 390 kg. Measured values ​​27 HP version (MOTORRAD 8/1991) top speed solo (with pillion passenger) 135 (118) km / h acceleration solo ( with pillion passenger) 0-100 km / h 10.3 (14.7) sec Pull-through solo (with pillion passenger) 60-100 km / h 10.7 (16.8) sec Consumption 4.1 to 5.1 l / 100 km , Regular gasoline

Facelift – Yamaha SR 500

1978 Market launch of the original model with the type code 2J4 (output 27 or 33 hp) at a price of 4491 Marks1979 Optionally cast wheels available for an additional charge of 150 Marks; new headlight with a diameter of 200 millimeters; modified engine side cover to secure the shaft sealing ring; Cover of the oil pump housing with five instead of three screws; Fuel tank with two additional welds on the retaining bracket; Installation clearance of the rocker arm shafts reduced; separate pulse coil for low speed range 1980 Thicker lower cooling fins to stiffen the cylinder; Reinforcement of the Kickstarter freewheel; additional frame plates between control head and oil filler neck; Attachment of the turn signals to the taillight holder 1981 Double-walled manifold 1984 A thorough revision marks the model 48T, available with 27 or 34 HP. The changes in detail: 18-inch front wheel with slotted brake disc, rear rim widened to 2.15 inches; Oil riser pipe to the thermally more heavily loaded outlet valve; narrower handlebars; 170 millimeter headlights; Grease nipple on swing arm; O-ring chain; Elimination of the plastic lump on the bench; polished aluminum arms of the pillion pegs; Piston 25 grams lighter and with a modified oil control ring; Cylinder head gasket made of metal; Camshaft with 0.5 millimeter more stroke; hardened rocker arms including shafts; reinforced timing chain tensioner; larger volume of air filter and exhaust1987 tank volume increased to 14 liters1988 against surcharge optional front duplex drum brake1991 stricter exhaust and noise limits require a power reduction to 23 HP through changes to the piston and camshaft as well as reduction of the compression to 8.3: 1; new flat slide carburetor without jump start button; shorter secondary translation; Dethrottling to 27 HP with TuV certificate possible 1992 Only available with front drum brake 1993 Side stand with ignition switch 1998 Limited anniversary model with badge and engraved SR piston at a price of 7995 marks 1999 Sale of the last copies

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