Access routes to Alsace and the Vosges

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Access routes to Alsace and the Vosges

Access routes to Alsace and the Vosges Contributors, Harald Humke, Claudia Werel

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Access routes to Alsace and the Vosges

Access routes to Alsace and the Vosges
Five ways to Colmar

Tour tip

The idea behind our five (admittedly) very long access routes: drive off the highway.

And get to the target area more slowly, but more beautifully!

Thorsten Dentges


Of course, nobody forces you to go to the starting points, and you can stab at any point on the route or leave out parts and then continue to your destination later according to our plan. With a little more time in our luggage, we can head for various touristically interesting points that we have found to the right and left of the routes. After a detour, a stopover or even an overnight stay, it’s back on the route. Or you can switch to the neighboring approach. This means that you can spend extra nice days on your motorcycle on the journey to our main travel destination.

Tour 1: From Cologne

With Cologne Cathedral in sight, head straight for the Eifel with a course for the Nurburgring. Those who have traveled further will find a soft bed, good cuisine and a beautiful panorama in the nearby Burgschanke Aremberg. From now on only high feelings! Past the Nurburgring or, for those who love nature, the volcanic lakes, it’s off to Bad Bertrich in the Moselle valley. The Hunsruck continues what the Eifel began: roads with little traffic, quaint places. South of Kaiserslautern, stop at the legendary meeting point at the Johanniskreuz. Then on through the Palatinate Forest towards France.


Download as GPX from Cologne 0.80 MByte

Tour 2: From Kassel

You can experience a bit of the German outback when you arrive from Kassel. Passing the Kellerwald-Edersee National Park, Gieben is circled to the north. Break or overnight stay in Braunfels (castle). Continue towards Taunus / Grober Feldberg. Highlight: The Wispertal north of Rudesheim. Then cross the Rhine by ferry and continue towards Kaiserslautern. At the Johanniskreuz break in Cafe Nicklis. On lonely roads through the Palatinate Forest towards Wissembourg. Here entry into the North Vosges Route or further through the extensive Hagenauer Land to Alsace and Colmar.


Download as GPX from Kassel 0.93 MByte

Tour 3: From Wurzburg

Leave the traffic jam near Wurzburg behind and continue south on the country road. Along the Kocher, wonderfully curvy through northern Baden-Wurttemberg to Schwabisch-Hall. From there through the Swabian-Franconian Forest Nature Park to Wustenrot, do not conclude a building society contract there, but rather take a break at the Lowensteiner Platte motorcycle meeting place. Cross the Neckar and advance on charming little roads through the Kraichgau and northern Black Forest with a lot of driving variety to Alsace.


Download as GPX from Wurzburg 0.51 MByte

Tour 4: From Nuremberg

Nuremberg is pretty, but we skip it and keep behind Schwabach in the direction of the Franconian Lake District. And even if it is quite a long detour, we want to travel to the Altmuhltal and swing through the bends there. At Nordlinger Ries we leave Bavaria for Baden-Wurttemberg and head for the Swabian Alb. Take a break for the night? The Hotel Hohenblick in Muhlhausen is our tip. On the Alb, don’t miss the motorcycle route through the Lautertal and then west towards the Black Forest. A short stop in Freudenstadt, and Alsace is already very close!


Download as GPX from Nuremberg 0.66 MByte

Tour 5: From Lake Starnberg

From Lake Starnberg, the program starts with a hilly up and down over small to medium-sized streets. A stop, perhaps even with an overnight stay, is recommended in Kempten. From here great routes through the Allgau to Upper Swabia, both top regions for beer fans due to the high density of breweries in the region. Cross the A 81 and make a detour in the Black Forest via Schramberg (for technology freaks: the car and watch museum!) And then south across the Black Forest including Feldberg to the Rhine Valley near Breisach.


Download as GPX from Lake Starnberg 0.60 MByte

More tours and stories about the Vosges can be found in RIDE NO.02!

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