ADAC E-Kids Cup – electric trial competition series for children

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ADAC E-Kids Cup - electric trial competition series for children
Jorg Kunstle

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ADAC E-Kids Cup – electric trial competition series for children

ADAC E-Kids Cup for young trial riders
All-electric competition series for children

The new trial sport series for children in Baden-Wurttemberg is purely electric and starts on June 23, 2019. The entry fee is ten euros.

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“Environmentally friendly, child-friendly and future-oriented” is how the ADAC advertises its new and all-electric competition series for kids in trial sports. Trial driving is not about speed, but about driving through marked obstacle courses – in the case of the ADAC E-Kids Cup on electric children’s motorcycles. So the focus is on skill, coordination and technique.

E-trials have many advantages

With the electric trial bikes, there are many advantages for the little riders: speed, power and responsiveness can be infinitely adjusted and thus optimally adapted to the driving ability and the ratio of rider to vehicle weight. Since the e-trial bikes are so small, even children of walking age can complete their first driving lessons with them than from around 2.5 years of age. Of course, they do not take part in the competition.

ADAC E-Kids Cup - electric trial competition series for children

Jorg Kunstle

Children between the ages of 6 and 10 can take part in the ADAC E-Kids Cup – regardless of whether they are beginners or the king of balance.

The parental mechanics can also look forward to the electric trial bikes, as there is no need to clean spark plugs or carburetors or change the oil. According to the ADAC Wurttemberg, the maintenance effort corresponds to the maintenance of a bicycle. An e-trial can also be transported on the bike rack of the trailer coupling or in the trunk, because no liquids can escape.

In total, the children drive 15 to 24 sections on meadows or forest floor. Depending on their previous experience, the participants are divided into classes. Who makes the fewest mistakes wins. Errors are, for example: leaning on the ground with your feet, tipping over the motorcycle or driving around a marking.

Who can take part?

Children aged 6 to 10 years (born 2013 to 2009), from beginners to the king of balance. Every child who competes needs: a CE-certified electric trial motorcycle, safety helmet with test standard ECE 22-05, back protector, breastplate, gloves, sturdy shoes and a parent or guardian at their side.

ADAC E-Kids Cup - electric trial competition series for children

The series includes five events per year. If you feel like it, just ask the club of your choice for a trial appointment.

The series comprises around five events per year with a time window of three to four hours. The clubs will take care of the catering on site, of course there will be award ceremonies with prizes for all participants, and trained organizers will be on site.

If you are interested in the subject of trials, just ask the ADAC clubs for a trial course. On June 23 this is possible at MSC “Falke” Wilberg-Sulz e.V. Trial training courses in cooperation with OSET are also offered in this context. All information on, by mail at or .


June 23, 2019 MSC “Falke” Wildberg Sulz
09/08/2019 MSC Frickenhausen
October 13, 2019 AMC Biberach
October 20, 2019 MSC Kongen-Wendlingen

Entry fee: 10 euros

Mona Pekarek, MOTORRAD volunteer and trial rider, tested the Yamaha TY-E e-trial motorcycle.

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