All Duels – 2011 R1200R Vs Griso 8V SE: German rigor or Italian charm … – Achtung motorcycles!

R1200R 2011 Vs Griso 8V SE: German rigor or Italian charm…

All Duels - R1200R 2011 Vs Griso 8V SE: German rigor or Italian charm ... - Achtung motorcycles!

Certain prejudices die hard … By opposing the new R1200R and the Griso 8V SE, Site wanted to avoid the stereotypes attributed to Germanic and transalpine products. It’s missed: BMW and Moto Guzzi maintain their reputations ! Duel.

Achtung motorcycles !

Once the two twin-cylinders started, sharp blasts of gas in neutral significantly tilt the motorcycles on their right side. While the BMW rider is largely isolated from the Boxer beats, the one installed on the Moto Guzzi is gently tossed about by the Quatrovalvole.

Tremor is immediately felt in the footrests of the Griso 8V SE, but they seduce much more than they indispose. Modeled on the beautiful melody of the pot, the thrill of the handlebars makes you want to go first and start !

We then discover a fairly hard clutch, which becomes tiring if we stay too long in town. Likewise, the somewhat slow and especially rough selection does not correspond to daily use in traffic jams. A "man’s motorcycle" in short, or quite the reverse of the BMW: the gearbox is smooth and the left lever both soft and progressive.

The front axle of the R1200R is also more agile and manoeuvrable than that of the Griso. Moving in traffic is therefore much easier at the controls of the high and light Behème than of the low and heavy Gouzdzi..

A man’s motorcycle and a soft motorcycle

In summer – when it deigns to arrive for good … -, the Griso heats up a little too much at the crotch located at the same height as the cylinders. On this point again, the R1200R and its cylinders placed at the ankles are much less bothering.

In the end, city trips are not the strong point of Griso and we are not unhappy to park it to land at a cafe terrace. You can then admire your bike and respond to the requests of onlookers. To sip your half grenadine diabolo in peace, it is better to hide the helmet and the jacket…

The R1200R pilot, on the other hand, is impatient: after such a first contact, he can’t wait to try out the BMW on small roads! The Boxer is remarkably supple, picking up at less than 2000 rpm in 6th gear in a pleasant and smooth pneumatic sound, but it does not really release its blows until 4000 revs..

Although the BMW’s new pot is more scoundrel than the old one – the R1200R backfires happily when decelerating! -, he leans in front of that of the Guzzi, much more present, even heady in confined spaces like his parking box, the courtyard of his home – the neighbors will prefer the courteous BMW – or the tunnels…

On the first three reports, the Griso accepts to go down to 2000 rpm, but it coughs too much in 4th, chokes in 5th and swallows its valves in 6th! Noisier and wiggling than the German Flat-Twin, the Italian V-Twin does not just run mechanics: despite its excess weight, the Goudzi holds the Behème on the first half of the meter !

The Boxer’s extension

When the needles exceed 4,500 rpm, on the other hand, the R1200R flies away irreparably, taking full advantage of the better extension of its engine – the piston stroke of the Flat is shorter … So if the Quatrovalvole will appeal to enthusiasts more strong "sensations", efficiency question, the Boxer wins the match hands down !

The chassis of the BMW is to match, sharpened, offering the pilot the possibility of cutting the turns at impressive speeds, and in all relaxation! Modifiable via the ESA button located on the left stalk, the front and rear suspension settings always guarantee the same tuning.

The "comfort" mode is particularly interesting since it offers, as its name suggests, a most appreciable damping and at the same time allows to continue driving at a good pace. Those that the trim changes – moderated by the suspensions made in Munich! – and do not worry can even attack as in "sport" mode !

Insensitive to the brakes even in the middle of a curve, the front axle of the R1200R remains frozen to the road as much as to the trajectory desired by the pilot. This is not the case with the Guzzi: the beauty of Mandello leaves much less room for improvisation and requires a more fluid piloting..

The Griso’s wide handlebars demand both engagement and precision when setting the angle. With a Roadtec Z8 at the front and a Sportec M5 at the rear (Scorpions are originally fitted to the Griso 8V SE), our test model was even a little too nervous in bumpy curves and stiffened as soon as you touched the brake lever.

Four-finger braking

The Guzzi’s brake attack is however more timid than on the BMW. Likewise, to get the full power of the Brembo radial calipers, don’t hesitate to grab the right lever by its end. It is by trying to put the brakes on the colleague in R1200R that we again become aware of the overweight of the Griso 8V.

BMW’s braking bite is immediate and it only takes two fingers – or just one like Stoner, given how soft the lever is! – to stop the R1200R dead. Supported by an ABS – it is unavailable on the Guzzi -, the brakes of the behem are both more pleasant to use and safer in the event of a problem on the road or in the city.

The higher ground clearance on the Munich roadster also makes it easier to attack. Trying to keep pace, the Griso quickly scraped the ground … on the left side, where that damn crutch is attached to the large crankcase. !

However, fans of trips "with friends" – and there are many in the Moto Guzzi ranks – rest assured: their mounts will allow them to ride at high speed without starting the lateral. In addition, if the Italian gimbal is not as pleasant as its German cousin, it nevertheless allows you to ride at low speed smoothly..

The suspensions of the Griso 8V SE are less rigorous during the arsouilles: the transalpine does not stall as obediently as its competitor in the reacceleration in particular. In addition, they do not erase holes, bumps or other black currants as effectively..

Finally, over a long distance, the BMW saddle is more comfortable than that of the Guzzi for the pilot, but also for the passenger. The latter also applauds the arrival of passenger handles on the German, while he is still waiting for them on the Italian !

By small roads

Neither, however, is made for the highway. In addition to the total lack of protection specific to their category, the BMW begins to vibrate at the level of the footrests and the levers at around 4,000 rpm, or 115 km / h in 6th gear. The image in the mirrors is completely blurred, in short, we do not drag on on expressways.

On the Guzzi, the tremors of the twin remain bearable, but the air pressure on the arms is much less! Dab on the long tank one arm behind the back, the pilot will have to be enduring to perform long journeys.

It should not be too careful about consumption either: facing the wind – there was a large part of our driving – the Griso swallowed up close to 7.5 l / 100km. Wind in the back this time, the Italian roadster burned a liter less, but never went below 6.5 l / 100km.

Under the same conditions, the BMW was more sober: between 5.5 and 7.3 l / 100km depending on the pace … The Boxer therefore wins in this last round and wins the match! The program of the R1200R 2011 turns out to be much more complete than that of the Griso 8V SE: work, ride, arsouille, duo … everything works for this new BMW, with the exception of the highway. !

Of course, this versatility comes at a price, and it is high. Adorned with its option packs, the Behème costs 2300 euros more expensive than the Goudzi casually !

But this argument will undoubtedly be relegated to the background: these motorcycles are mainly aimed at a fringe of bikers who no longer "need" anything, rather "want" everything, including a motorcycle at € 12,000. – this is the bare minimum today ?

Also, the choice of Moto Guzzi will be above all that of the heart. Its owner will then benefit from a very endearing and "sensational" motorcycle, follower of bucolic walks and alcoholic coffee breaks! He will have to make more concessions to ride on a daily basis, just like his passenger during two-person trips..

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