All Duels – Comparison test Suzuki GSX-R 600 Vs GSX-R 750: which one to choose? – Real fake twins?

Suzuki GSX-R 600 Vs GSX-R 750 comparison test: which one to choose ?

All Duels - Comparison test Suzuki GSX-R 600 Vs GSX-R 750: which one to choose? - Real fake twins?

Redesigned (a little), lightened (a lot) and optimized (madly!) In 2011, the Suzuki GSX-R 600 and 750 appear at the top of their form. To decide between these two sports very close technically, MNC opposed them on the road and on the circuit.. Duel.

Real fake twins ?

This year, Suzuki has given itself the means to respond to the competition by redesigning in detail its mid-capacity sports cars: the "small" GSX-R 600 (read our) and its emblematic elder, the GSX-R 750 (read especially our).

Aware of the strengths (comfortable for sports cars and full and efficient engines), but above all of the weaknesses (agility and efficiency behind the circuit) of these two motorcycles modeled on the same mold, Hamamatsu engineers have applied themselves to sharpening the game. cycle and to eradicate the relative plumpness of their famous "Gex".

And the efforts made to replace their few bulges with concrete muscles (or rather steel!) Have something to force admiration: respectively 196 kg and 198 kg all full, the GSX-R 600 and 750 go to 187 kg and 190 kg! To obtain this enviable result, almost everything has been lightened: among others the exhaust (-1.1 kg for the 750 and -1.7 kg for the 600), the aluminum swingarm (- 900 g), the perimeter frame (-1.35 kg), the very nice alloy rims (-550 g) and even the trim (-3.4 kg) !

By equipping its 2011 novelties with a Showa BPF fork (Big Piston Fork) and Brembo monobloc brake calipers with radial mounting, Suzuki even made a double blow: not only the whole now gives off a strong and flattering scent "Racing", but the front end of the 600 is lighter with the passage of 1.265 kg and 1.445 kg on the 750.

On the other hand, even if the blocks of 599 and 750 cc claim more trunk at low and mid-speeds (thanks to the reduction of the pistons and the valves, to the more aggressive cam profiles or to the ignition derived from the MotoGP), their power and torque values ​​remain substantially the same as before: 125.7 hp and 69.6 Nm for the 600 and 150 hp and 86.3 Nm for the 750. That is 0.7 hp and 1 Nm better for the first and just 1.6 Nm more torque for the second. In other words, not much in free version … and obviously even less in France !

Therefore, given their technical and aesthetic similarities (only the golden fork sleeves, a few stickers and the color chart distinguish the 750 from the 600) and the "natural" smoothness of the performance due to the clamping, many bikers French people may hesitate between the two … Especially at 13,499 euros, the GSX-R 750 still requires to extend 1,500 euros more than the GSX-R 600 (11,999 euros).

Is this additional expense justified for common road and track use? To find out, the MNC editorial staff traveled more than 800 km of large and small roads, braved the vagaries of summer weather (high heat, thunderstorms and rains …) and pushed the two sports Suzuki to their limits on the Magny-Cours circuit! Full comparative test.

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