All Duels – Does the 2012 Yamaha 530 Tmax do better than its predecessor? – More sporty, but still practical

Does the 2012 Yamaha 530 Tmax do better than its predecessor ?

All Duels - Does the 2012 Yamaha 530 Tmax do better than its predecessor? - More sporty, but still practical

Since the time we expected: here it is finally, this new Tmax 2012! But rather than revolutionizing its maxi-scooter, Yamaha has given only a few evolutions to its bestseller. Will this be enough to make you forget the Tmax 2011 ? Duel !

    • More sporty, but still practical

      If it is sportier than the 500, the 530 Tmax is no less practical and the equipment remains equivalent to the old one. The space under the trunk still does not allow for two helmets.

      You will not find a 12V socket on the dashboard, nor in the trunk: this remains an option, which may seem petty on a scooter over € 10,000! On the other hand, there is a glove box which locks with a key on the right of the apron and another smaller one on the left.

      But the latter will hardly serve more than to accommodate a toll ticket, because even a smartphone does not fit there. Finally the parking brake is still there and inherits a new small caliper just for him on the rear disc.

      Hardly installed aboard the Tmax 2012, the difference is noticeable: the driving position is more compact, we are less lying "cushy" than on the 500. The space allocated to the legs is a little more cramped and the large templates do not will not be able to lengthen them as much as before.

      As for the little ones, they will always be as hampered by the saddle, not very high (80 cm, as before) but still just as wide: a driver of 1.80m barely puts both feet flat on the ground. But it is not more disturbing than that, since the balance of the scooter is perfect and its center of gravity placed rather low.

      530 cc … really ?

      Let’s not beat around the bush: the engine of this new Tmax 2012 is a real success! And that the most skeptical in front of the small 31 cc grappled be reassured: we have the impression of having won at least 100 or 150 !

      Already, a simple pressure on the starter lets hear a frankly nasty sound. We find the hum so particular of the 500, but even more amplified. The twin-cylinder greedily takes turns without any inertia.

      Level sensations, the new Tmax 2012 surpasses those felt on the handlebars of a 500 Tmax ultra prepared with variator, counter-pulley and exhaust that goes well !

      In acceleration as in times, the 530 Tmax systematically deposits its predecessor. At start-up, its much lower available torque allows it to pull away vigorously, without that feeling of clutch waxing of the 500 over the first ten meters.

      The thrust is so strong that the grip can quickly fail on wet cobbles or in a parking lot with tricky pavement. If we imagine this 530 Tmax with an adaptable variator, there is enough to make a hell of a machine !

      Finally, the 530 Tmax abandons the final transmission by chains in an oil bath in favor of a belt: lighter, it is also more exposed to breakage insofar as in rare cases, a foreign body can damage it..

      Covers and breath

      If this engine did not take dozens of horsepower, on the other hand it gained vigor very intelligently and the pickups up to 140 km / h became very interesting.

      On the road, it’s the guarantee of even greater efficiency. For example, where one hesitated, with the 500, to overtake a car traveling at 90-100 km / h for fear of lacking recovery and distance, the 530 allows to overtake safely with a simple acceleration..

      The Tmax 2012 also offers more extension. If the top speed does not really increase, it is however more comfortable beyond 120 km / h. At this speed, we can still count on good covers.

      In the same way, in the big climbs on the highway where the 500 remains painfully stuck at around 140 km / h with a handle in the corner, the 530 (barely broken in) will arrive at the top of the climb at a good 155 km / h.

      Alchemy still operates !

      Not only is the harmony between the engine and the cycle part of the new 530 Tmax 2012 not broken, but it is even more impressive !

      If the stability remains imperturbable and hyper reassuring, the front axle gains in liveliness: much more agile, it makes that of the 500 Tmax seem almost clumsy in comparison … even though we did not already have much to blame! Finally, the saddle and suspension comfort is equivalent between the two vintages..

      4 kg less on the scale, that’s always taken! These kilos have been saved on the new 5-spoke aluminum rims, on the new aluminum swingarm and on the belt drive..

      The 530 Tmax displays just 200 kg dry but unfortunately it retains its small 15-liter tank … One or two more liters would not have been superfluous! However, if performance is up, average consumption remains around 5.7 l / 100 km, which allows you to count on 200 km of autonomy without worrying..

      ABS still optional ?

      Even the braking of the new Tmax has progressed, offering increased bite and power. So much so that we would have appreciated a standard ABS, or even a front / rear coupling: it would be the least of things at this price level…

      The two front discs are so powerful that the rear wheel tends to lock up quickly when braking really hard !

      The Tmax 2012 does not lose any of its road efficiency, nor its playful side. The passenger will be as well installed as in the past, but the pilot will benefit from better engine approval. The protection remains good with an adjustable bubble (by hand and with tools: allow 4 to 5 minutes) of more or less 5 cm. A real success, but…

      Serious arguments against the C600 Sport

      This new version of the Tmax is therefore perfectly well born. Without denying anything of its comfort or its versatility, it succeeds in sublimating the sporting qualities that have made its success for ten years..

      Even if it does not display the 600 or 650 cc so hoped for, the 530 Tmax therefore has serious arguments which allow it to calmly wait for the BMW C 600 Sport scooter..

      What is certain is that in the battle ahead, the price of the Yamaha maxiscooter will hardly plead in its favor since it is already available without ABS at 10,490 € and will soon be available with ABS. at € 10,990. This is more or less the price at which the German scooter should be offered … which still cube 117 cc more !

      We can’t wait for this top-level match to be discovered soon on Site: stay tuned !

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