All Duels – Duel Derbi-Suzuki Supermotard 125: very good trip! – Cruel life …

Duel Derbi / Suzuki Supermotard 125: very good trip !

All Duels - Derbi-Suzuki Supermotard 125: very good trip! - Cruel life ...

Teaser, efficient and fun to ride, the 125 cc Supermoto motorcycles have everything to please lunch … and the less young! Demonstration with this comparison between the Derbi Senda DRD 125 SM and the Suzuki DR 125 SM for a duel… Super funny !

Cruel life

Our observation is clear: among "budding bikers" from 16 to 18 years old, the Derbi Senda DRD 125 SM (also available in Enduro version) rallies all the votes and clearly eclipses the Suzuki DR 125 SM in terms of aesthetic appeal..

This victory as subjective as it is overwhelming – he is like that the "djeunz", direct and without qualms! – of the Spanish 125 can be explained in large part by its sexy lines and high-end peripherals. It must be recognized that the inverted 41mm fork and the shock absorber mounted on a rod and separate cylinder throw a lot, as do the beefy swingarm and the 300 mm front disc clamped by a radial caliper. !

Equipped with the rigorous steel perimeter frame discovered on the Terra Adventure (read our) and the powerful Piaggio single-cylinder (15 hp and 12 Nm of torque), the Derbi could even pass for a larger displacement motorcycle. A feeling reinforced by the quality of its components and the sportiness released by its "racing" decoration, which make an eighth of a liter extremely flattering.

Faced with this Spanish armada, the Suzuki DR 125 SM lacks sex appeal and pays the price for its lack of aesthetic and technical daring: emerged from the Suzuki boxes in 2008, the Japanese certainly has charm, but its lines and its equipment refer to a time that the under 20s (almost) cannot know…

Starting with the design of its fairings and its headlights, not enough "staïïles" to take off the gaze of a teenager from the side notches of the Derbi and its tiny rear LED light … The penalty is the same if the ” we compare the physiognomy of the exhausts, mirrors, indicators or commodos, but also of the on-board consoles: fully digital on the Senda DRD, it uses a needle and roller element on the DR125SM.

The Suzuki also suffers from an old-fashioned design, as underlined by the resetting of the unique “old-fashioned” kilometer trip, via a side wheel! Not only does the whole look like the 80s, but a lot of useful information (tachometer, time …) is neglected while the Derbi has an indicator of engine speed and temperature, two daily trips, a watch, etc. . (see the "Instrumentation" parts of our technical sheets on the following pages).

Side cycle and engine, the Japanese 125 suffers here again from the comparison with the Spanish: the "Diamond" type frame is a classic simple steel cradle, while the non-inverted telescopic fork, the rear shock absorber without rod and the axially fixed brakes do not really give in to the technological upgrade…

Likewise, despite the appearance of an aluminum cylinder head, a balance shaft and the sending of oil jets on the pistons at high speeds, the proven single-cylinder with two air-cooled valves accuses the weight of years compared to the modernity of the Derbi liquid cooling unit and its four valves.

On the other hand, the Suzuki DR125SM can be proud of the presence of a power supply now managed by injection, while its foil rival continues to call on the services of a 30 mm carburetor, both less precise and more polluting..

In addition, if the Senda DRD 125 SM is the object of all covetousness, its claims are paying dearly: although it has been the subject of a promotion since September (at 3899 euros instead of 4099), the Spanish is not within the reach of all budgets … and especially those of the youngest who may revise, willy-nilly, their first judgment on a Suzuki billed "only" 2,999 euros !

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