All Duels – Face to Face Honda CB 1000 R – Yamaha FZ1: duel among the 1000! – Sculpted for attack!

Face to face Honda CB 1000 R – Yamaha FZ1: duel among the 1000 !

All Duels - Face to Face Honda CB 1000 R - Yamaha FZ1: duel among the 1000! - Sculpted for attack!

For almost three years now, the Yamaha FZ1 has reigned supreme in the 1000 cc sporty roadster category. But it must now deal with the very sharp Honda CB 1000 R … and it is not won! Face to face: comparative test.

Sculpted for attack !

The least we can say is that our two beauties immediately announce the color on the program of the celebrations thanks to their very sporty lines..

Their designs are however noticeably different: the Yamaha FZ1, splendid in its yellow and black livery (one of the new 2009 colors), plays on the roundness of its curves to give itself the air of a hound ready to pounce, while the Honda CB 1000 R, all in edges, points and taut lines, offers a much sharper aesthetic.

We never tire of admiring it, especially under its right rear three-quarters, with its single-sided arm which frees the view on this rear rim with its sumptuous design..

Much more compact and collected than its competitor (it is even surprising for a machine of this displacement!), The Honda exudes sportiness and efficiency..

Her gray dress, elegant, is however a little dull in this gloomy season. And the other colors available are hardly more fun a metal green, a black and a white still quite "racing".

In terms of finishes, we knew the FZ1 was almost flawless, but we must salute the great progress made by Honda compared to the 900 Hornet: the care given to the materials and the fit of the parts of the CB 1000 R is at the level of that of his opponent of the day…

Both machines feature quality equipment with, in particular, fully adjustable front and rear suspension.

Only the CB has a very pleasant hydraulic clutch. They are also both equipped with ABS, forcing the Honda to ditch its radial-mounted front brake calipers in favor of the three-piston elements of the brand’s CBS combined braking..

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