All Duels – Face to Face Honda CB 1000 R – Yamaha FZ1: duel among the 1000! – A treat on the road

Face to face Honda CB 1000 R – Yamaha FZ1: duel among the 1000 !

All Duels - Face to Face Honda CB 1000 R - Yamaha FZ1: duel among the 1000! - A treat on the road

For almost three years now, the Yamaha FZ1 has reigned supreme in the 1000 cc sporty roadster category. But it must now deal with the very sharp Honda CB 1000 R … and it is not won! Face to face: comparative test.

A treat on the road

If our two roadsters are faithful companions for everyday and city use, they are also appreciated – and above all! – on the road: the new Honda then drives the point home a little more and wins hands down against its competitor.

With more room to let your engine express itself, we rejoice on the handlebars of the CB 1000 R! Its 4-cylinder, from the CBR 1000 RR, has been reworked to provide more torque at low revs … and it shows! Moreover, the maximum torque is available earlier: 9.2 mkg at 5,750 rpm against 8.8 mkg at 7,000 rpm on the FZ1. Likewise, the Honda’s red zone is placed 1,750 laps lower than on the Yamaha. From 2000 rpm, acceleration is therefore very powerful and linear !

If the character suffers slightly, the efficiency is indeed there. The connection between the throttle and the rear wheel is a marvel of feeling and allows a lot of daring that we would not necessarily allow with other machines…

"Taking advantage" of the cold weather of our test, we allowed ourselves some nice glides from the back but without ever being scared, with a feeling of permanent control! It must be said that the cycle part of the CB 1000 R is in unison: very well suspended, it manages to be agile, stable and comfortable at the same time! The Honda is therefore at ease on all tracks, slow and fast, regardless of the quality of the surface..

Behind, the FZ1 also gives a lot of pleasure to its pilot. It turns out to be a little less efficient, but still allows you to ride very hard! Hollow at low speed, its 4-cylinder from the old R1 is much more angry and expressive in the towers than the Honda block. It also offers a less muffled and much more exciting sound, which largely contributes to driving pleasure. !

In part cycle, the Yamaha is inexorably getting a little old compared to its competitor. Already, it shows itself a little penalized by its large rear tire of 190 mm which affects the liveliness of the machine. Very healthy on nickel asphalt, the FZ1 is a little more bouncy and less comfortable when the surface deteriorates. Finally, the driving position is too straight for the arsouille: the lack of total support on the handlebars means that we hardly feel the reactions of the front axle, which tends to lock up and raise the machine during corner braking.

It should be noted in passing that neither of our two test machines was equipped with a steering damper, but the need was not felt. Finally, the braking of the two machines both proved to be excellent, in terms of feeling, bite and power as well as endurance. ABS is completely forgotten in sporty driving and Honda’s CBS is reassuring.

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