All Duels – Happiness without a motorcycle license! – Two surprisingly easy and accessible machines

Happiness without a motorcycle license !

All Duels - Happiness without a motorcycle license! - Two surprisingly easy and accessible machines

These two scoots are the most efficient and secure – but also the most expensive – offer available to holders of a car license only. Which will win between a 125 two-wheeler compressed with ABS and a three-wheeler of 400 cc ? Testing !

Two surprisingly easy and accessible machines

Our two competitors are rather bulky and heavy for machines intended for motorists who have not received specific training in driving a motorized two-wheeler. Indeed, we are far from the 120 small kilos of classic 125 scooters, since the Peugeot and the Piaggio respectively charge more than 180 and more than 250 kg in running order. !

Despite everything, they surprise by being particularly affordable and easy. To be convinced of this, we took a young scooter rider to ride, perfectly located in the heart of the target for this type of machine: despite his 37 years, Nicolas’s only experience on two wheels is limited to two years spent on a scooter. Yamaha 125 Majesty, on whose handlebars it has only covered 3,000 kilometers. Completely devoid of the slightest a priori, his opinion will therefore be very interesting and very revealing of what may please, disappoint or surprise less experienced users….

Real slippers !

Nicolas has no trouble fitting his 83 meter on these two machines (yes, our model of Nicolas is large, Editor’s note). It must be said that their saddle heights are very reasonable with 784 mm for the French scooter and 1 small millimeter more for the Italian. Thus, despite their fairly wide saddles, even small riders will feel comfortable.

On the other hand, the Peugeot offers more legroom by offering two possible seats: bent or relaxed legs. On the Piaggio, the pilot’s right foot has little room because the presence of the regulatory brake pedal means that large arpions (beyond sizes 44-45) will have difficulty not resting on said pedal. … which is no good !

Suddenly, the unique position imposed by the MP3 tends to bend the knees too much, which can become unpleasant on long journeys. But for the rest, the two scooters provide a natural and comfortable seat.

Read the instructions carefully ?

The BlacKsat can be understood as a traditional scooter: only its braking requires a slight adaptation time, this one being assisted by a high pressure pump and combining the front and the rear, in addition to the ABS.

On the other hand, there are a lot of things to know before setting off on the MP3 400 LT, but everything is quickly and naturally assimilated. After good explanations, Nicolas mastered in five minutes the specificities of the Piaggio such as the electronic locking of the front axle: it is a system that allows you to no longer put your foot down in the fire, but above all to park very easily, no matter what. where – including on slopes and slopes – without having to hoist the vehicle on its central stand.

On the braking side, the pedal activates the brakes of the three wheels at the same time while the levers remain classic for a scoot: rear brake on the left and front brake on the right. The only thing to know: it is better not to use the pedal and the levers at the same time as this disturbs the hydraulic system. Nothing dangerous, but it makes the feeling of the controls unpleasant.

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