All Duels – Kymco 125 Dink Street Vs Yamaha Xmax 125: does money buy happiness? – Not light but easy

Kymco 125 Dink Street Vs Yamaha Xmax 125: does money buy happiness ?

All Duels - Kymco 125 Dink Street Vs Yamaha Xmax 125: does money buy happiness? - Not light but easy

With its Dink Street, Kymco is pulling out all the stops to tackle the star of 125 cc scooters, the Yamaha Xmax. A difficult bet, because Yamaha’s bestseller has yet to evolve to be ever more attractive… Trial between city and countryside !

Not light but easy

Taking an increasingly GT orientation, the 125 scooters have seen their dimensions increase considerably over the years. Unfortunately, they also gained weight … If ten years ago, the 125 cc weighed around 120/130 kg, our two competitors of the day exceed 170 kg with the full tank of gasoline, or almost the weight of a small 600 cc roadster !

Even if they are both easy and accessible, we still recommend these two scooters to novices, especially if they are small: during maneuvers with the engine off or to hoist them on the central stand, their overweight is sensitive and does not forgive too much mistakes…


Despite this weight problem, our two scooters are still very easy to handle, thanks in particular to a reasonable saddle height. The Xmax and Dink Street boast the same 775mm high seat, which luckily compensates for the width of their generous saddle..

On the other hand, the space available for the feet is greater on the Xmax: the pilot can choose to put his feet flat on the floor or to extend his legs by placing his feet at an angle on the apron for a more sporty position.

Theoretically, the same positions are also possible on board the Dink Street, but in the "sport" position the pilot ends up with his legs excessively in the air.

Quickly at ease

From the first turns of the wheel, everything is much better: the Xmax and Dink Street both show good overall balance thanks to their low center of gravity.

While you just seem to be "on" the Xmax, it feels more like "on" Dink Street. With its enveloping fairing and its large double-stage saddle that perfectly supports the rider’s back, the Taiwanese is almost like a cocoon !

The feeling is more sporty on the Yamaha, but hardly less comfortable. On the other hand, we can blame the Xmax for a slightly disappointing turning radius for a city-oriented vehicle..

The city without the fuss

Like their fellows, our two 125 scooters blow up traffic jams in a relaxed manner. If one can blame both of the slightly laborious departures up to 30 km / h (due to their overweight), their engines then show a beautiful vitality between 30 and 80 km / h, i.e. common speeds in an urban environment.

We will however give a slight advantage to the Xmax, which offers little sensation but ultimately accelerates harder than the Dink Street. On the other hand, the very electric sound of the Yamaha engine is quite disappointing: that of the Kymco is not extraordinary either, but still evokes more of an internal combustion engine. !

Only the Xmax is equipped with warnings, which are very useful for signaling yourself when moving up the lines of cars (don’t do this, it’s forbidden, drive slowly, stay at home). As for the Dink Street, it has an audible flashing signal for the attention of the stunned who forget to turn it off after turning.

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