All Duels – Kymco 125 Dink Street Vs Yamaha Xmax 125: does money buy happiness? – Beyond the periphery

Kymco 125 Dink Street Vs Yamaha Xmax 125: does money buy happiness ?

All Duels - Kymco 125 Dink Street Vs Yamaha Xmax 125: does money buy happiness? - Beyond the periphery

With its Dink Street, Kymco is pulling out all the stops to tackle the star of 125 cc scooters, the Yamaha Xmax. A difficult bet, because the Yamaha bestseller has yet to evolve to be ever more attractive… Trial between city and countryside !

Beyond the periphery

The Yamaha Xmax and the Kymco Dink Street are a very pleasant surprise with their ability to escape city centers effectively. The expressways do not scare them thanks to the fishing and the beautiful length of their engines, which allow them to cross quite serenely around 100-110 km / h counter (90-100 km / h chrono).

The speedometers of our two competitors are quite optimistic and overstate the speeds – compared to the GPS Site – by 10 km / h for the Xmax and 11 for the Dink Street. Well launched and in favor of a slight descent, the Kymco spins at 125 km / h odometer (114 km / h real), while the Yamaha hangs on 132 km / h (122 real).

Pasha comfort

Of course, do not count on inflicting this treatment on them to go to work every day over long distances, otherwise their small single cylinders will give up their soul before 5,000 km. !

But the best part is that at these speeds, our two scooters demonstrate very respectable comfort and flawless heading. And if the Xmax already protects its driver well, the Dink Street does even better: its enveloping and voluminous fairing protects both from the rain and the wind..

Suddenly, it becomes possible to venture far from the cities and to walk on the small roads with pleasure! You will just have to take care to avoid highways limited to 130 km / h, otherwise you will quickly act as a rolling chicane. !

On the fuel side, the Xmax is much more economical and also offers much better range than the Dink Street: the Yamaha consumes only 3.4 l / 100 km while the Kymco flirts with 5 liters! As they both carry 12.5-liter tanks, the Japanese scooter travels 60 km longer than its Taiwanese counterpart before moving to reserve..

Xmax attacks

When it comes to having a little fun, the Yamaha is happy to justify its € 900 higher price tag than the Kymco. On small bendy roads, the Xmax is much more efficient: it brakes better, it is better suspended, better shod and its wheels are bigger..

If the old Xmax could be criticized for being too "slick", the new one manages to be just as rigorous by being more comfortable. It therefore allows almost sporty driving in complete safety, even if few users will make such use of it..

If you just drive and not drive, the Kymco is doing very well too. Its brakes are certainly less biting and its weight is more felt in curves, but all of its performance is more than sufficient for normal use..

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