All Duels – PCX 125 Vs MP3 Hybrid 300 LT: when scooters go green! – The black gold war …

PCX 125 Vs MP3 Hybrid 300 LT: when scooters go green !

All Duels - PCX 125 Vs MP3 Hybrid 300 LT: when scooters go green! - The black gold war ...

What better than a shortage of gasoline unprecedented since 1968 to test two fuel-efficient solutions? Are the Piaggio MP3 Hybrid and Honda PCX scooters true precursors or simple foils for trendy city dwellers? ? Test !

The black gold war…

Remember, at the end of October: the majority of service stations in France are dry and the few still open in the Paris region are stormed by hordes of exasperated motorists … not to mention that the tankers take the opportunity to outrageously increase the price of a liter of super !

A priori unfavorable climate for a serene essay, but in a way we can also take it as a great dress rehearsal of the moment – not so distant? – where our oil resources will become greatly scarce…

Our two machines of the day are getting ready for these difficult days, by offering innovative solutions in the world of two (or three!) – wheels.

Joint trials

Of course, strictly speaking, we will not compare these two scooters as they have nothing to do in terms of displacement, power, weight and above all … price! The objective of this test is to test two solutions brought by Honda and Piaggio to consume and pollute less, but also, perhaps, to have a quieter ecological conscience..

Thus, after having discovered it in the streets of Barcelona last May (read our), we will experience this PCX 125 and its famous "Stop and Go" system which cuts the engine at each stop.

In parallel, we will subject the MP3 Hybrid 300 LT to all kinds of exercises to check if its interest goes beyond technological demonstration (read our).

Ten years late

While Stop and Go and hybrid powertrains are technologies already widely proven in the automotive industry, our two scooters are pioneers in the world of motorized two-wheelers..

Honda had already offered its automatic stop system on one of its scooters in 2000 (the NES 125), but it took ten more years to see this system acclaimed on the PCX. Could it become obvious and generalize in the ranges of all motorcycle manufacturers within a few years? ?

Finally in the field of mixed engines which mixes thermal and electric, Piaggio has outstripped all its competitors by marketing the MP3 Hybrid. First unveiled in 125, the poor machine appeared under-motorized because handicapped by the overload of the batteries. Fortunately, the new 300 cc version has very decent performance..

What are these two scooters worth on a daily basis? Comparative test.

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