All Duels – PCX 125 Vs MP3 Hybrid 300 LT: when scooters go green! – Read the instructions carefully before use!

PCX 125 Vs MP3 Hybrid 300 LT: when scooters go green !

All Duels - PCX 125 Vs MP3 Hybrid 300 LT: when scooters go green! - Read the instructions carefully before use!

What better than a shortage of gasoline unprecedented since 1968 to test two fuel-efficient solutions? Are the Piaggio MP3 Hybrid and Honda PCX scooters true precursors or mere foils for trendy city dwellers? ? Test !

Read the instructions carefully before use !

The Stop and Go system offered by the PCX is very easy to use. All you have to do is activate it with the "Idling Stop" button. From the moment the engine reaches its normal operating temperature, it automatically turns off each time it is stopped for more than three seconds..

Thanks to its starter-alternator, the single-cylinder starts up smoothly and discreetly as soon as the pilot turns the throttle grip. The purpose of this system is to avoid unnecessary consumption of fuel when stopping at traffic lights and thereby reject Co2 or any other pollutant..

Technical, the MP3 Hybrid !

For those who have never driven in MP3, assimilating the full operation of this Hybrid version – use and locking of the front axle, management of the different engine modes – will not be done overnight..

Accustomed for its part to the "classic" MP3, the editorial staff had only to concentrate on the two types of propulsion: electric and thermal. Concretely, four modes are selectable using a button – stamped "Hy Tech" – on the right stalk: the two thermal Hybrid Power and Hybrid Charge and the two 100% electric "forward" and "reverse".

In fact, the raison d’être of this MP3 has its origins in Italy where city centers are becoming more and more pedestrianized and / or closed to combustion vehicles. With a maximum speed of 35 km / h in electric on the odometer (30 km / h real), the Piaggio allows legal access and without any noise in these areas which are – for the moment – only in the state project in France.

How it works ?

To operate in 100% electric mode, the batteries must be sufficiently charged. To do this, two solutions: plug directly into a power outlet or – and this is the whole point of a hybrid vehicle! – recharge the batteries while driving using the heat engine. By schematizing, this is how to use the two thermal modes.

We take advantage of taking fast axes where we can drive at a stabilized speed (such as highways and other urban peripherals) to switch to Hybrid Charge mode. This recharges the batteries, but necessarily consumes more.

Arrived in the city center, we opt for the Hybrid Power mode which allows to benefit jointly from the power of the two engines (electric and thermal). This results in better acceleration, while this time reducing consumption..

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