All Duels – Sport in the sauce two and a half! – Field Ninja …

Sport in a sauce two and a half !

All Duels - Sport in the sauce two and a half! - Field Ninja ...

No murderous clamping, no superfluous weight, no fear of putting the handle in the corner … These days, these two little sporty 250ccs are a real breath of fresh air. Let’s go for a fun face to face !

Ninja of the Fields…

As soon as one manages to escape the city centers, the Ninja presents a new face, much more facetious! When you give it more room to take turns, the Kawa is more playful. In fact, a bit like a 2-stroke, its little twin needs to be whipped in the towers to give the best of itself !

Ideally, this small 250 is piloted between 8000 and 13000 rpm, the breaker intervening 500 turns later. But if we feel that the twin is just asking for that, we feel guilty for making it scream too much … The Ninja ultimately shows a good reach by hanging a little over 170 km / h meter (160 km / h chrono).

However, both in terms of sound and pleasure, it is clear that the mono is still better than the twin for a 250 cc machine..

The WR’s engine exhibits remarkable smoothness and elasticity. It’s nothing like the big ’80s mono hitting at low revs and lacking extension. The water-cooled and injected block of the Yamaha strong potato at all speeds and takes its turns with glee.

This is all about the feelings since it is not equipped with a tachometer. Despite everything, reading the manufacturer data, we realize that the WR 250 X delivers its maximum power – or 30.7 hp – at 10,000 rpm, which is a particularly high speed for a mono !

Flight schools

With its smaller gearbox output pinion, the data is distorted and the 170 km / h reached are brought down to 146 km / h by the GPS. But it’s already not bad !

When the roads turn, you expect a lone WR rider. Well, it is not! Despite its tires with uncertain grip (especially in the wet), the Ninja is really impressive in its ease and efficiency in winding and even in very tight.

The Kawa is even more natural and affordable on offense than the Yam. Indeed, to be carried out hard enough, the latter requires a little skill. The saddle height and the wide handlebars require a little supermoto technique where the Kawa throws itself into the curves with delight and naturalness..

We even say that, well shod, the Ninja would be a hell of a customer in small turns negotiated between 50 and 100 km / h. Of course, you have to cut the throttle as little as possible because exiting the corners is a bit laborious if you haven’t taken care to stay in the laps. In this, the Kawasaki constitutes a superb school to acquire a clean and fluid piloting on the road..

The Yamaha, on the other hand, accepts all styles and all pilots, from the ballerina to the lumberjack! On the improvisation side, the WR 250 X obviously has the advantage by allowing all approximations and course corrections with disconcerting goodwill.

However, if it turns scorched, our two machines offer very decent braking, which is quite easy given their featherweight. The two forks dive quite sharply without this being in the way.

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