All Duels – Suzuki Burgman 400 Z – Yamaha Majesty 400: rififi at the commuters! – Chic and practical

Suzuki Burgman 400 Z / Yamaha Majesty 400: rififi among commuters !

All Duels - Suzuki Burgman 400 Z - Yamaha Majesty 400: rififi at the commuters! - Chic and practical

Same displacement, same power, same weight and same color: how do you decide between the Suzuki Burgman 400 Z and Yamaha Majesty 400 scooters? Site put them through the hell of city traffic and the ordeal of the road… Comparative test.

Chic and practical

With their imposing size and their saddle that would make a minister’s chair look like a vulgar bar stool, our two scooters are impressive. Visually, the Burgman seems much longer than the Majesty when only 3.5 small centimeters separate them in reality. But the Yamaha is more compact and stocky than its slimmer and lower competitor.

Despite a slightly aging line, the Suzuki is particularly elegant with its brown saddle and black dress. The Majesty seems to be targeting a slightly more “djeun’s” clientele, sporting a tuning-inspired tail light with many LEDs! As for the colors, the manufacturers did not take any risks: the two scooters are available in black or white and the Yamaha also offers a gray (what a daring!)

Baggage compartment inspection

Any "commuter" worthy of the name must be able to carry a rain suit, one or two locks, a second helmet for a possible passenger and a small backpack. Our two scooters easily fulfill this mission, but with a clear advantage for the Burgman: its trunk is much more roomy and easier to fill..

The Majesty’s chest is separated into two levels (like the saddle), and you will have to calculate a lot better to fit everything. It is also a question of access: only the rider’s saddle lifts on the Yamaha, while the entire saddle opens on the Suzuki. Advantage also to the Burgman which offers three fairly spacious glove boxes, compared to only two with its competitor.

Finishing vs equipment

Like its big brother the Tmax from which it recovered the old instrumentation, the Majesty offers minimum equipment (no on-board computer or even a 12V socket), but it can be forgiven by a first-rate finish..

On the Burgman, it’s the opposite: the finish is a little less flawless, but the equipment is of a high level. There is a (small) on-board computer, a 12V socket, heated grips, hand guards and a backrest for the passenger. Nice effort! The dashboard provides information on the ambient temperature in particular, which is quite significant.

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