All Duels – Suzuki Burgman 400 Z – Yamaha Majesty 400: rififi at the commuters! – The flower of commuters

Suzuki Burgman 400 Z / Yamaha Majesty 400: rififi among commuters !

All Duels - Suzuki Burgman 400 Z - Yamaha Majesty 400: rififi at the commuters! - The flower of commuters

Same displacement, same power, same weight and same color: how do you decide between the Suzuki Burgman 400 Z and Yamaha Majesty 400 scooters? Site put them through the hell of city traffic and the ordeal of the road… Comparative test.

The flower of commuters

If the Honda Spazio 250 was undoubtedly the first of the maxi scooters, its only mistake was to be fifteen years ahead of its time: the market was not ready … From 1999, that is to say two years before the Yamaha Tmax , it is therefore the Suzuki Burgman 400 which is at the origin of the rise of this new breed of motorized two-wheelers.

Because maxi scooters respond to a problem that is very much of our time: with increasingly large agglomerations and ever more saturated city centers, the maxi scoot ‘perfectly meets the expectations of the commuter who must go to work without losing money. time, in a correct outfit and with his files: the "commuter" !

The taulier…

For ten years, the Burgman has been content to evolve smoothly. In addition to the switch to electronic injection which saved it 2 horsepower and the adoption of a second front brake disc, the Suzuki has also seen its handling refined by the adoption of a more stiff, wider tires and larger front wheel.

Its design has also been revised in successive small touches, but its elongated silhouette remains the same. Even if it is a 2009 vintage, the model which interests us today dates from 2007 and will not evolve at least before 2011. In addition, the scooter of our test is in its very chic version "Z": invoiced 700 € more than the base model (i.e. € 6,499), it includes ABS, heated grips, hand guards, a passenger seat backrest, a very pretty brown seat and a burl-style plastic dashboard of walnut … with less sure taste !

… and the little youngster who doesn’t want it !

Arrived in 2004, the Majesty 400 is far from having known the same success as the Burgman: in the shadow of the famous 500 Tmax, the "small" 400 has never succeeded in imposing its own personality in the Yamaha range. The manufacturer with three tuning forks has therefore completely revised its copy in 2009 to offer a brand new scooter: sexier, it also wants to be more efficient and more efficient than the old model..

Unfortunately, the price has also taken the opportunity to make a leap forward: the machine, certainly equipped with ABS, is sold € 6,999 while it is far from offering the rich and complete equipment of the Suzuki…

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