All Duels – The two big arms … of iron! – Relearn the motorcycle

The two big arms … !

All Duels - The two big arms ... of iron! - Relearn the motorcycle

When a Harley plays the scoundrel to make European bikers gracious and a Triumph releases XXL chrome to bait American fans, it inevitably results in a duel rich in testosterone! What big arm is needed? Comparative test.

Relearn motorcycle

Of course, a 1600cc cruiser that displays 330 kg in running order is not approached in the same way as a small 600-kg roadster all wet. !

The position of the pilot and the geometry of the machine considerably change the game and the sensations … and putting the ignition on is already an adventure. !

More or less practical

On the Triumph, the switch is well hidden under the right thigh while on the Harley, it is on the tank … but without a key: with the transponder in the pocket, the motorcycle can be activated. Very practical and effective against theft, although some radio interference problems may arise in some places.

And fortunately the Fat Bob is equipped with this circuit breaker alarm system, because it is also almost impossible to attach: the almost full rims prevent the slightest chain or the smallest U from passing and it will be necessary to be satisfied with a disc lock.

Not much better on the Thunderbird, which has no electronic theft protection and no space to carry a lock..

In addition, the tanks of our two cruisers do not lock, which potentially makes them self-service stations … There is therefore a risk not only of having your gasoline siphoned off, but above all of finding foreign bodies in it. interior (true story: human stupidity is sometimes limitless) … It will therefore be preferable – unless you never take your eyes off your mount – to crack a lockable fuel cap. But on motorcycles over € 15,000, it’s a bit mean !

Minimum instrumentation

Once in the saddle, it is clear that skinning is also part of the cruiser style: the dashboards of our two machines are rudimentary and are not placed in the driver’s field of vision..

While driving, you will really have to look down on the fuel tank to read the odometer. While the Harley is happy to display speed, the Triumph also offers a tachometer … but so small and so unnatural to read that it will take some getting used to. Finally, note that the fake left tank cap on the Fat Bob actually houses the fuel gauge. Original !

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