All Duels – The two big arms … of iron! – The Big Robert vs. the Thunderbird

The two big arms … !

All Duels - The two big arms ... of iron! - The Big Robert vs. the Thunderbird

When a Harley plays the scoundrel to make European bikers crazy and a Triumph comes out XXL chrome to bait American fans, it inevitably results in a duel rich in testosterone! What big arm is needed? Comparative test.

Big Robert vs. Thunderbird

Approaching the small roads, our two cruisers very quickly remind us to order: there is no question of really getting through a wad that would be completely irrelevant. The weight, wheelbase and ground clearance of our two chrome monsters are not intended for this exercise.

This is particularly the case on the handlebars of the Thunderbird, which tends to rub its footrests very early. The Fat Bob allows you to take more angle … at the risk of scraping its pretty chrome exhaust pipes. No way !

HD in dynamics

The American is more pleasant to drive and allows a more sustained and sympathetic pace, provided it remains fluid. Because the great engine inertia and the 320 kg in running order only moderately appreciate approximation and improvisation !

It will therefore be right to keep because despite the two discs at the front, the braking of the Harley remains light compared to what can be done at present, in particular at the rear..

Fortunately, the machine shows good stability on the angle as well as appreciable maneuverability thanks to its relatively straight fork. This allows you to savor without moderation the fabulous V-twin which, even if it has lost in sound, remains really very endearing.

Soft and elastic, the twin-cylinder made in the USA also knows how to demonstrate a surprising strength: on a 400 meters DA, there is enough to amaze a lot of Japanese women. !

The Triumph for safety

The Englishwoman is undeniably wiser. Without creating monotony however, its engine and its cycle part encourage more peaceful strolls than its American cousin.

Although more powerful, the English parallel twin is also less charming than the American block. Supple, torquey and available, it lacks that little extra soul specific to the US brand. On the other hand, its decidedly more modern design allows the English engine to consume more than a liter less per 100 km..

The new Thunderbird swings with ease from one turn to another and remains very neutral in its behavior, despite a more pronounced hunting angle than on its competitor (32 ° against 29 for a hunting of 151 mm against 125).

The Triumph is relatively more versatile and versatile than the Fat Bob, also thanks to its very convincing braking. Lined with ABS, it allows you to ride without fear in all kinds of conditions, such as in heavy traffic or on wet paving stones..

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