All Duels – The two big arms … of iron! – You have the look, Coco!

The two big arms … !

All Duels - The two big arms ... of iron! - You have the look, Coco!

When a Harley plays the scoundrel to make European bikers crazy and a Triumph comes out XXL chrome to bait American fans, it inevitably results in a duel rich in testosterone! What big arm is needed? Comparative test.

You got the look, coco !

We must not hide our face: the look, for a cruiser, is essential! Even more than on other machines, style is an integral part of the driving pleasure. And on this side, our two competitors are taking very different paths: daring for the American and absolute classicism for the English.

Looking at the Thunderbird, we quickly realize that Triumph wanted to play it safe by caressing American customers in the direction of the fringes so as not to shock. Result: an ultra classic line without creativity.

However, we can console ourselves by admiring the very correct manufacturing quality of the English. Note that the Thunderbird in our test was equipped with the windshield and sissy-bar, taken from the huge catalog of accessories of the English manufacturer.

Big cubes for big arms

Still in terms of looks, the Fat Bob wins hands down in the applause of insiders and casual onlookers drawn to the HD logo. We must admit that the US manufacturer did not go hand in hand with this machine from the Dyna family !

Its big tires, its matt black paint, its almost solid wheels, its T-bar handlebars and, above all, its dual-optic headlight give it a real face of brute. We never tire of detailing it from all angles … while pawing to go for a ride on its handlebars !

Just because they are particularly low doesn’t mean these two bikes are accessible to everyone. Indeed, our two cruisers are also very long and rather heavy: they happily exceed 300 kg.

To maneuver these machines with confidence, you will therefore need a little skill and strength … but also long legs! The Harley, and to a lesser extent the Triumph, both impose a distinctly pronounced "feet first" position. So much so that those under 1.80 m will have a hard time reaching the American rear brake pedal! Too bad the US manufacturer does not import its Fat Bob with central controls…

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