All Duels – The Two Big Routsters! – Mixture of genres

The two big Routsters !

All Duels - The Two Big Routsters! - Mix of genres

No longer really roadsters but not quite road, the Honda CBF1000F and the Suzuki Bandit 1250S combine the advantages of these two categories to lead to a concept that is increasingly appreciated: road roadsters … or routsters! Duel.

Mixture of genres

The "roadster" genre, which replaced the expression "basic motorcycle" at the start of the 90s, today includes all motorcycles without fairings, equipped with a handlebar with a slightly pronounced handlebar and displaying a more or less sporty temperament. affirmed.

Varying slightly depending on the manufacturer, this definition includes many sub-categories, including one that can boast of having been on the rise for several years: the roadsters-GT. Less exclusive than an outright roadster thanks to the transplant of a half fairing, they also want (and above all?) More players and less expensive than a "real" road.

In this little game, two philosophies clash: on the one hand, the roadsters equipped with a "simple" fork crown with the dimensions contained like the indeboulonnable Bandit 1250 S. On the other, machines using a more enveloping fairing like the homogeneous Honda CBF1000F (read our).

The length of their appendages is also closely linked to the evolution of requirements: in 1996, the Bandit "12" brought a new notion of versatility while at its release in 2006, the CBF responded to this frantic need for "always more. "which leads to a certain gentrification of motorcycle production: victory for the consumer society or simple aging of the biker population? Opinions are divided … but one does not prevent the other !

Still, from the first glance, our two big "routsters" of the day show significant differences, especially in terms of protection: revised and corrected for 2010, the CBF1000F addresses a harmonious half fairing with a marked resemblance to the CBR600RR gives an extra personality to a motorcycle hitherto considered too consensual.

Surrounding the radiator, this element elegantly integrates the indicators and pilot lights. It ends with a manually adjustable windscreen (by pulling or pushing vigorously on it) which makes the Bandit 1250 S’s modest gale giddy. !

Compared to its rival, the Bandit only seems equipped with a "quarter fairing". And its fixed bubble height is all the more detrimental as the first turns of the wheels of our comparison take place in driving rain….

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