All Duels – Versys Vs V-Strom: two sure values ​​in times of crisis! – Whatever the bottle …

Versys Vs V-Strom: two safe values ​​in times of crisis !

All Duels - Versys Vs V-Strom: two sure values ​​in times of crisis! - Whatever the bottle ...

It is in difficult times that we see who we can count on … Our two road trails of the day are perfect allies to face all situations: shortage, traffic jams, rain, etc. Test… against all odds !

Whatever the bottle…

Even if our two competitors of the day may not mark the annals of motorcycle design, it doesn’t matter: these two road trails favor substance rather than form. Understand by this that they do not care much about parading on the cafe terraces, but intend to transport their crew efficiently and in any situation..

Their efforts should also be recognized in terms of appearance: by donning a beautiful black and white dress, the V-Strom becomes almost elegant. As for the Versys, this new 2010 vintage suits it much better.

No more lighthouse in the shape of a skull! The new lines are more dynamic and also perfectly underlined by this orange-yellow color. In 2011, the Kawa will be adorned with a burgundy or a magnificent "full black", from the fork to the frame through the radiator scoops..

Versys 2.0

Kawasaki will therefore not be long in reviewing its copy. Three years after unveiling its Versys, the Japanese manufacturer has made it evolve (read our). If we had little to reproach him at the dynamic level, it is clear that his sales never really took off because of a very particular design..

This half-sister of the ER-6 – from which it takes over the engine and certain elements of the chassis – is now much more consensual. From its origins, the Versys is obviously more of the "raised roadster" offering a cool driving position than outright trail adventurer..

Old acquaintance

Released in 2004, the V-Strom 650 calmly begins its seventh year of career (read our). If it has finally changed little over the years, it is because this ultra homogeneous motorcycle was particularly well born. Moreover, many bikers are not mistaken !

Indeed, if the Suzuki trail does not dominate the first places on the market, it nevertheless displays stable and regular sales. Like the Versys, the V-Strom takes its origins from a roadster: the SV 650. But unlike the Kawa, it is still more distant from it by displaying a personality of its own..

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