All Duels – Versys Vs V-Strom: two sure values ​​in times of crisis! – Trail with a lot of roadster in it!

Versys Vs V-Strom: two safe values ​​in times of crisis !

All Duels - Versys Vs V-Strom: two sure values ​​in times of crisis! - Trail with a lot of roadster in it!

It is in difficult times that we see who we can count on … Our two road trails of the day are perfect allies to face all situations: shortage, traffic jams, rain, etc. Test… against all odds !

Trail with a lot of roadster in it !

Our two competitors are undoubtedly more destined to line up the kilometers on the asphalt ribbons than to navigate the course on dirt tracks. Trail running, they keep the general look, the unfolded position of the pilot and his passenger and the versatility of use.

For the rest, the V-Strom and the Versys even more approach the roadsters from which they emanate. If the Versys opts squarely for 17-inch rims at the front and rear, the V-Strom still plays it a little adventurous with its 19-inch front wheel..

Their suspension deflections (around 150 mm) as their pneumatic mounts therefore limit their off-road abilities to rolling and dry paths … under penalty of an immediate and expensive sanction in fairings and other indicators. !

Large legs mandatory

These two motorcycles also kept the trail type rather high seats. The saddle of the Versys takes 1 cm on this new vintage to peak at 845 mm, which makes the bike difficult to access to less than 1.75 m.

Despite a more reasonable height of 820 mm, small riders will not feel more comfortable on the handlebars of the V-Strom due to a very wide saddle and poorly placed footrests: they are positioned right to the left. the pilot’s balance, which forces him to spread his legs to put his foot on the ground.

Too bad, because these bikes could satisfy a very large audience – including beginners – but their height makes them elitist. However, it is possible to dig a saddle or work on the suspensions in order to gain a few precious centimeters !

Equipment: lean

Like the roadsters from which they come, our two trails are content with the minimum union so as not to increase their prices too much. For example, it will be necessary to do without a coded key immobilizer.

This absence is fortunately compensated by their ability to take a lock quite easily: you can fit a U under the saddle of the Versys and you can embed some additional elements in the V-Strom..

There is also no central stand and their dashboards, clear and legible, provide what is needed as information, nothing more. Too bad that on the Kawasaki you have to choose between the clock and the trips, thus forcing the rider to let go of his handlebars to switch from one to the other.

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