All Duels – Yamaha Vmax Vs Triumph Rocket III Roadster: Clash of the Titans! – The arms race

Yamaha Vmax Vs Triumph Rocket III Roadster: Clash of the Titans !

All Duels - Yamaha Vmax Vs Triumph Rocket III Roadster: Clash of the Titans! - The arms race

A 1700 cc V4 or a 2.3-liter 3-legged: whatever the engine choice, the recent Yamaha Vmax and Triumph Rocket III Roadster proudly assume their excess. Test of two loud-mouthed monsters for experienced bikers… and well-off !

The arms race

Some have fun while others love it, but it’s a fact: there has always been a market for "XXL" motorcycles. These machines with exceptional displacement and imposing size flatter the ego of their owner as much as they make bikers dream … and laymen..

This type of extreme motorcycle also helps to enhance the image of the manufacturers, despite rather modest sales volumes since the success of the Yamaha 1200 Vmax between 1985 and 2002.

Because despite some faults such as its reduced autonomy, its rough handling, its consequent weight and its prohibitive price for the time, its look of thick brute and its fire engine had convinced many bikers, particularly in France.

Vmax II, the return !

After seven years of absence, the myth of Yamaha signed last year its return with fanfare (read): the new Vmax does not deny anything of its predecessor and even comes back to us even more excessive, both in terms of its line and its characteristics: 500 cc more, stuffed with horsepower (200 in free version!) and torque, an 18-inch rear wheel – ditto at the front -, but also an additional 50 kg and a price that soars to almost 22 000 euros…

No doubt, the spirit of the original Vmax is well and truly respected. But customs have changed a lot since 1985, as has the atmosphere on the road and the way we ride … Does the biker of the 3rd millennium still recognize himself in this politically incorrect dragster? ?

Paroxysmal roadster

It is therefore necessary to draw the artillery – very – heavy to dare to face this new Vmax … And if a machine can claim to overshadow it, both in terms of engine sensations and size, it is the new Triumph. Rocket III Roadster.

With its 2,294 cc 3-cylinder engine and around 370 kg in running order, the Triumph Rocket III has plenty of room for the Japanese “little” to respond! This new Roadster version is less typical dragster than the Yamaha, but promises to be much more playful than the classic Rocket III, more custom oriented..

To accentuate their bestial side, our two monsters of the day are adorned with black dresses. That of the Vmax is enhanced by a few touches of brown of the most beautiful effect, while the Rocket is also available in a mat black color particularly disturbing … and attractive. !

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