All Duels – YZF-R6 Vs GSX-R 600: the two extremes of Supersport – Presentations: content and container

YZF-R6 Vs GSX-R 600: the two extremes of Supersport

All Duels - YZF-R6 Vs GSX-R 600: the two extremes of Supersport - Presentations: content and container

If we only base ourselves on the specs and race results, the Yamaha YZF-R6 eclipses the Suzuki GSX-R 600. But for standard use (a lot of road and little track), the Yamaha justifies- does her extra € 1400 ? Duel !

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Radical and sophisticated, the Yamaha R6 has the wind in its sails, both in competition and in dealerships: pampered by the R&D department and Yamaha designers since its release in 1999, it benefits from the latest technological advances of the brand in tuning forks (electronic accelerator in 2006, variable admission in 2008) and plastic as attractive as it is aggressive.

Supersport world champion in 2009 with Cal Crutchlow, the Yamaha YZF-R6 not only knew how to sharpen itself technically to become the Japanese benchmark – a hell of a challenge given the hegemony of the Honda in WSSP! -, but also aesthetically since it never ceases to make aesthetes drool since its redesign in 2006.

Briefly retouched this year at the level of the exhaust and the injection mapping, just to meet the homologation standards (read) – the R6 proudly exhibits a generous aluminum Deltabox chassis with flawless welds that encloses at most near the heart of the beast: a four-cylinder 599 cc capable of delivering the trifle of 135 hp in dynamics and 67.5 Nm of torque (in the free world, of course).

Obviously, this time killer is paying cash for this high level of performance and quality fittings, such as its magnesium rear buckle and its splendid golden fork whose compression settings are displayed on a separate cylinder: currently displayed at € 12,399 (i.e. 300 € more than in 2009), the Yamaha YZF-R6 is the most expensive of the Supersport.

Lacking success at high level since the title of Stephane Chambon in 1999, considered less sharp and therefore less efficient, the Suzuki GSX-R 600 does not enjoy the same prestige as its rival. But it remains the most accessible in its category with a low price of € 10,999: a big difference with the R6! For the lambda biker, are these 1,400 euros difference justified by real differences? ?

This is what Site wanted to verify by opposing the Iwata ball to that of Hamamatsu on more than 1000 km of roads of all kinds, as well as during a final confrontation on the Ferte Faucher circuit (77) : a duel representative of the use made of it by most of their owners.

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