All-round gloves up to 30 euros

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All-round gloves up to 30 euros



All-round gloves up to 30 euros

All-round gloves up to 30 euros
Cheap substance

30 euros in hand and the full program: fit well, keep tight and warm. But are inexpensive textile gloves really a good deal? Ten models show in the test how far apart expectations and reality are.

Thorsten Dentges


Some motorcyclists only decide on a pair of gloves shortly before the checkout. “Must somehow fit, especially in terms of price” ?? Anyone who follows this motto may commit a mistake. Protecting your own hands should be paid more attention, because in the event of a fall, it is usually the exposed parts of the body that are the first to be affected. Even without an accident, it can be very painful when your fingers literally freeze off on a fresh morning stage or at the top of the pass.

All-rounders are required for such cases. Gloves that are still comfortable to wear in summer despite the weather protection provided by a climate membrane, that are not too thick when accelerating, clutching and braking and offer sufficient protection. And since an outer skin made entirely of leather absorbs a lot of water when it rains, quick-drying gloves with a textile content are particularly attractive for travelers. MOTORRAD literally patted ten self-proclaimed all-rounders in the lower price range on the fingers. Tried it out extensively, including on a winding pass road, and asked the question: grab it or rather put it back on the graveyard table?

Security: Some products have significant security flaws, such as the Germas test subjects, hero and Reusch, where wrist latches are missing. In the event of a fall, these gloves can be removed dangerously quickly. The result: skin contact with the asphalt. The tight-fitting J.A.G. With proper anti-slip protection, which are also the only gloves in the test to have efficient impact protection on the back of the hand.

Moisture protection: not a good picture of what the price hits are giving off here. Only the models from Buse, HG and Probiker passed the bucket test without any problems, and their membrane also showed no leaks when the gloves were filled with water. The J.A.G. delivered an acceptable result, the remaining test candidates are not good for longer tours in the rain.

Fit / comfort: Tailoring tight-fitting motorcycle gloves that do not cause pressure points in the long term is an art. And only a clever combination of warm, but not too thick inner lining, membrane and light outer materials forms a good all-rounder. At least some manufacturers (HG, J.A.G., Probiker, to a limited extent also Buse, Difi and Held) have done their homework in this regard.

Features and workmanship: Visor wipers, particularly abrasion-resistant fabrics or confidence-inspiring protectors are not standard in this price range. But why more than half have no reflectors is incomprehensible. The workmanship is average, and the pierced membranes (obviously created during manufacture) of some candidates are not exactly evidence of great care in production. You can safely do without such cheap materials.

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All-round gloves up to 30 euros

All-round gloves up to 30 euros
Cheap substance

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