All Test Drives – BMW F800GT Test Drive: the GT roadster! – Discreet evolutions

BMW F800GT test: the GT roadster !

All Test Drives - BMW F800GT Test Drive: the GT roadster! - Discreet evolutions

Shunned by bikers, the BMW F800 ST has never really found its audience. BMW therefore revises its copy for 2013 and offers an improved version called F800 GT. A small road bike “ made in Munich ”, more efficient and versatile. Test.

Discreet evolutions

By discovering the new BMW F800 GT, it is difficult to be truly blown away by the extent of the apparent changes … Admittedly, the new fairing is more aesthetic than before and its protection seems more generous. However, we remain a little on our hunger after a first static observation of the bike.

By taking a closer look and detailing the technical sheet (on the last page of this test), we see that it is mainly the chassis geometry, the suspensions and the general ergonomics that mark the main points of passage relay between the F800 ST and F800 GT versions.

By taking a seat on board, we can better perceive the improvements made, starting with a more natural and comfortable driving position. The seat height is indeed lowered by 20 mm, with improved quality and width of the seat, both for the rider and the passenger..

The handlebars are raised by 20 mm, the driver’s footrests are repositioned lower and forward by 10 mm, while those of the passenger are slightly lowered (10 mm). For its part, the cockpit changes little: the instrumentation is still as soberly functional, austere limit in its presentation, despite new funds behind the needles of the tachometer and the counter.

Note that without the optional on-board computer, it is necessary to dispense with the display of consumption (average and instantaneous), the engaged speed, the outside temperature and many other useful indications … commercial that some will probably not appreciate, especially on a road motorcycle whose price starts at more than 10,500 € !

The commodos are slightly redesigned, mainly to accommodate the new features according to the options present (ESA, ASC, etc.). Purists will also note the abandonment of "traditional" turn signal controls in favor of a single switch. A choice that tends to become more democratic on all motorcycles in the BMW range: even the new and emblematic R1200GS "flat-fleet" has passed, that is to say (read our) !

The F800 GT also presents improvements that are more difficult to detect, such as the adoption of new lighter rims or the extension of 50 mm of its single-sided swingarm in order to gain stability at high speed. The significant (-15 mm) reduction in the height of the suspensions would mean a reduction in the pitch effect and improve heading accuracy. And incidentally to participate in the reduction of the saddle height, from 820 mm on the ST to 800 mm on the GT.

There is also an elongated and reinforced rear frame loop to offer an additional 11 kg of payload (or 207 kg in total), which will make the most of the optional BMW rigid luggage system. System which includes in particular two side cases (10 kg payload each, 55 liters of carrying capacity in total), a 28-liter top-case and a tank bag (10 to 14l) with map holder.

In use, the left suitcase is slightly smaller due to the high exhaust, but the right one can easily accommodate a full face helmet..

Last small useful alterations, the operation of the preloading wheel of the rear shock absorber spring is optimized, the mirror arms are slightly lengthened in order to offer a better rear view and thermal protection has been added at the level of the passenger’s heel on the silent side.

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