All Tests – 2010 BMW R1200RT Test: French bikers will continue to love it for a long time! – A Kolossal model

2010 BMW R1200RT test: French bikers will continue to love it for a long time !

All Tests - 2010 BMW R1200RT Test: French bikers will continue to love it for a long time! - A Kolossal model

BMW Motorrad’s bestseller in the world is the R 1200 GS, but in France the R 1200 RT is preferred. In 2010, the RT also benefits from the latest version of the Flat Twin and some improvements.. BMW novelty test !

A Kolossal model

Aesthetically, the 2010 R1200RT model looks like its predecessor. You have to be a true BMW expert to notice, for example, the presence of a new cylinder head "with more dynamic shapes with two fixing screws instead of four previously", details the manufacturer.

Always so impressive, the RT does not get on like a small F800R. The saddle rises by default to a reasonable height of 780 mm, but hoisting your leg over the motorcycle is exhausting: you have to spare the top of 32-liter suitcases, which is not given to everyone. world as evidenced by the marks left by the boots of previous testers !

In comparison, the efforts required to raise the motorcycle from its side stand – easy to deploy but a little less to recover since it is hidden under the fairing – and to lower it from its power station are less intense..

Because one of the advantages of the Flat compared to the majority of engine architectures is to lower the center of gravity of the motorcycle: all good for maneuvers with the engine off !

Sacred Boxer !

The identity of the mill is definitively confirmed when the rider pushes the starter: at this precise moment, the motorcycle heels on the right! In neutral, the same phenomenon is felt at the slightest request of the throttle: we are indeed on a Boxer.

Once installed at the controls, one can appreciate in detail the vast dashboard: two analog meters indicate the speed (on the left) and the engine speed (on the right). At the beginning the small size of the figures may surprise, but you quickly end up taking your bearings.

The two dials frame a perfectly arranged and readable digital screen: even the light intensity is adjustable by means of a button placed below on the right. Indicator lights overhang the panel and speakers adjoin the mirrors. Finally, a small lockable storage compartment is located under the pilot’s right hand.

Level finish, there is – almost – nothing to complain about. The plastics fit very well, the suitcases and the storage compartment are fitted with gaskets – leaktightness tested and validated by MNC! -, the bubble and its small deflectors are incredibly sculpted and remain perfectly clear.

On the other hand, we are surprised by the condition of the brakes: the discs and the screws of the calipers of our loaner motorcycle are surprisingly rusted … Result of driving on the snowy and then salty roads of this rigorous end of winter 2010 ?

Beware of salty roads (and bills)…

"The salting of the road network requires regular rinsing of the motorcycle with cold water in winter", recalls BMW Motorrad France alerted by us on this subject.if the recommendations for use and maintenance are respected, the replacement of these parts is covered under the warranty", reassures us the manufacturer.

However, the image of RT, "devouring kilometers capable of facing all weather without flinching", takes a hit. Likewise, the "R1200RT" sticker placed on the fairing does not correspond to the Premium label of the German brand. Fortunately, the BMW badge raises the bar !

Our test bike being equipped with the on-board computer, the information collected by the RT is numerous: total mileage and its two partials, fuel and engine temperature gauges, gear indicator light, average consumption, range, temperature outside, average speed … Even the tire pressure is indicated !

Also equipped with the ESA II options, audio system, cruise control, traction control and heated saddles and grips, our R1200RT therefore has an impressive number of buttons which it is best to get acquainted with before engaging the 1st, or even before starting the engine !

Note now that to escape a dealership with the same motorcycle as our test model, it will be necessary to drop a check not for € 16,770 (price of the 2009 model), nor of 17,300 (that of the 2010 of base), but of 22,525 € including the safety pack (+425 €), the RT3 Pack (+2480 €) and the cruise control (+320 €) … Simply ask for "the complete", the dealer will understand !

The price is therefore proportional to the size of the motorcycle: kolossal. Many bikers cannot afford such a sum and will be able to turn to much cheaper motorcycles like the Suzuki Bandit 1250 FA (read our).

As for those whose bank account has enough zeros but are reluctant to put that much money into a two-wheeler, our test should allow them to calculate whether the investment is worth it … Action !

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