All Tests – 2010 BMW R1200RT Test: French bikers will continue to love it for a long time! – A great motorcycle on the road …

2010 BMW R1200RT test: French bikers will continue to love it for a long time !

All Tests - 2010 BMW R1200RT Test: French bikers will continue to love it for a long time! - A great motorcycle on the road ...

BMW Motorrad’s bestseller in the world is the R 1200 GS, but in France the R 1200 RT is preferred. In 2010, the RT also benefits from the latest version of the Flat Twin and some improvements.. BMW novelty test !

A great motorcycle on the road…

Once out of town, the BMW R 1200 RT and its driver instantly feel more at ease. We then take advantage of clear roads to let the Boxer express itself: lively from low revs, it sends a big hit at 3500 rpm and continues to distribute its blows regularly up to 7500 rpm (1000 rpm before to get into the red).

At first, we avoid changing gears on the fly: we must integrate the inertia of the flat and synchronize its interventions on the various controls, much more than on a small Japanese 4-cylinder. Fortunately, the controls are pleasant to handle (clutch lever and selector are adjustable).

Solo, duo or loaded like a mule, the R1200RT tows with the same vigor and its engine never seems to tire. At the same time, the protection of the screen quickly proves to be excellent, especially when a simple pressure of the left thumb is raised to the maximum (+ 140 mm).

It goes quickly !

Wedged behind this real windshield and the vast fairing, the pilot then struggles to estimate his speed: not a noise, not a pressure on the body, on the front side as on the tails side … Only a quick glance at the speedometer forces you to lick the brakes to go back down to a slightly less shameful speed !

The attack of the front brake is particularly gentle: a very good point for a motorcycle that is above all comfortable! By insisting, we access a quite appreciable power. Also faultless for the ABS system, which is triggered quickly on some very dusty – even "bumpy" – roads in Franche-Comte, just like the traction control (ASC).

Although not strictly insensitive, the interventions of its active safety systems are discreet and do not interfere with piloting. Only the extremely dry grip of the brake lever results in a surprise: the lever sinks and the motorcycle brakes with a slight delay, avoiding surprising the front tire.

Furthermore, in order to secure the machine as well as possible while simplifying the operator’s task, the ABS braking of the R1200RT is partially complete: "the front brake lever operates the front calipers and the rear caliper. On the other hand, action on the rear brake pedal only causes the reaction of the rear caliper", specifies the team of BMW France.


The rear brake is very effective: its two pistons provide bite and sufficient force to slow the machine around bends without touching the front brake. The bets on the angle are even more precise !

Because adjusted in "Comfort" mode via the ESA II option, the suspensions are very responsive to acceleration and braking. Too much in fact to ride at a "good" pace! A flick on the ESA II button and presto, we switch to "Normal" mode, in which the performance of the R1200RT on small roads is increasing.

For the most edgy in a hurry, the "Sport" mode allows you to attack even more frankly … provided that the condition of the coating is suitable! Because the differences in spring setting and hydraulic settings are perfectly felt, to such an extent that on a broken departmental road, this "sporty" setting will not be endured for long. !

Of all the modes, the "comfortable" will undoubtedly be the preference of the owners of the new R 1200 RT: the sensation of traveling on a flying carpet is simply delightful! Nothing can disturb the walk of the German, whether for five, fifty or 500 km.

The passenger is greeted as it should be: saddle as wide and soft as that of the pilot (optional heating), well-placed grab handle, rubber-lined footrests, good space for the feet. Only one file is missing to settle down … and fall asleep !

We can only formulate a real negative criticism of the R 1200 RT when traveling on the secondary network: vibrations appear in the handlebars at around 110 km / h. BMW, which congratulated itself on having decided in 2010 to mount the handlebars on silentblocs, will still have to work on this point !

Beyond 120 km / h on the other hand, the vibrations disappear. We are then – in principle … – on the motorway, the preferred domain of this globetrotter. !

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