All Tests – Can-Am Spyder RT-S Test: 50% Goldwing, 50% MP3 … 100% Exotic! – High security

Can-Am Spyder RT-S Test: 50% Goldwing, 50% MP3 … 100% Exotic !

All Tests - Can-Am Spyder RT-S Test: 50% Goldwing, 50% MP3 ... 100% Exotic! - High security

An engine, a saddle, a handlebar and three wheels … and yet no, this is not the famous MP3 from Piaggio! This time it is the Can-Am Spyder in its RT-S version … or Business Class! Special Christmas essay, in music and under the Provence sun.

High security

The only two concerns for the rider are therefore to stay in the saddle and keep in mind that he takes the place of a small car on the road (in particular if he comes from the motorcycle, which is our case. !). Because for everything else, electronics are on the lookout.

While the assistance can be a little too castrating on the sporty Spyder RS, on the other hand, they stick perfectly to the Touring vocation of this RT version. There are no less than five systems to simplify your life.

In addition to the traditional ABS and traction control, we can count on the VSS to control the stability of the vehicle (and thus avoid ending up on two wheels or turning over!), On the SCS to reduce body roll in bends and finally on the DPS which is actually power steering.

No more cold sweats

The three wheels and their electronic guards provide the rider with a constant serenity that one does not know on a motorcycle. Indeed, what motorcyclist has never had a little adrenaline rush discovering gravel, a puddle or a trace of diesel at the end of a curve ?

Riding the Spyder, these dangers turn into simple surprises. Of course, that’s no reason to ride anyhow. In particular, we must continue to pay attention to other users because, in the event of an impact, the Can-Am pilot is as vulnerable as a biker…

It slows down !

In case of surprise despite everything, we can count on efficient braking. The feeling of the brake pedal is very correct – infinitely better than that of MP3 LT – and allows you to perfectly adjust your braking.

The Spyder ideally distributes the braking effort between the two front wheels and the rear wheel, all three equipped with 250mm rotors and large tires. The approximately 450 kg of the Can-Am in running order therefore have no problem coming to a halt..

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