All Tests – Can-Am Spyder RT-S Test: 50% Goldwing, 50% MP3 … 100% Exotic! – King of the balade

Can-Am Spyder RT-S Test: 50% Goldwing, 50% MP3 … 100% Exotic !

All Tests - Can-Am Spyder RT-S Test: 50% Goldwing, 50% MP3 ... 100% Exotic! - King of the balade

An engine, a saddle, a handlebar and three wheels … and yet no, this is not the famous MP3 from Piaggio! This time it is the Can-Am Spyder in its RT-S version … or Business Class! Special Christmas essay, in music and under the Provence sun.

King of the balade

It is therefore over time that we fully perceive the quiet and touristic vocation of this Spyder RT-S. In the saddle for eight hours in a row, we did not feel the slightest discomfort either in the seat or in the back.

On the contrary, we enjoyed using the many features available, from the heated grips to the audio system to the adjustment of the rear suspension while driving. All this is managed with the many buttons on the controls as well as on the dashboard. Best of all, all these buttons are backlit blue at night !

Not that expensive…

One thing is certain: the Spyder RT is made for two people to enjoy! It’s very simple: he makes you want to go on vacation, far away, with his sweetheart … And even if Madame is afraid of motorcycles, she will be completely relaxed behind the Can-Am. She can take advantage of the heated grips and even change the radio or song if the music does not please her !

Considering the exclusivity of the machine, this Spyder RT is rather well placed since its price starts at 21,000 € for the basic version, which is already very well equipped but in a manual gearbox. The RT-S version that we tested rather flirts with the 27,000 €.

It is a sum, of course, but which is neither scandalous nor indecent given the technological contribution, and compared to what it is necessary to pay for an Electra Glide or other Goldwings…

It is clear that many bikers will not recognize themselves in such a product, finding it more flaws than qualities. Despite everything, this Spyder RT will meet the expectations of some – sometimes scalded by a more or less serious accident – in search of pleasure and safety. Finally, this Can-Am will offer real motorcycle sensations (and a little quad!) To those who do not have an A license..

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