All Tests – Can-Am Spyder RT-S Test: 50% Goldwing, 50% MP3 … 100% Exotic! – Mollo at the start …

Can-Am Spyder RT-S Test: 50% Goldwing, 50% MP3 … 100% Exotic !

All Tests - Can-Am Spyder RT-S Test: 50% Goldwing, 50% MP3 ... 100% Exotic! - Mollo at the start ...

An engine, a saddle, a handlebar and three wheels … and yet no, this is not the famous MP3 from Piaggio! This time it is the Can-Am Spyder in its RT-S version … or Business Class! Special Christmas essay, in music and under the Provence sun.

Mollo at the start…

At first glance, two sensations dominate. The first is the impressive sound of the engine: the Can-Am inherits the Rotax unit (which is also part of Bombardier’s bosom) fitted to the Aprilia RSV 1000, no more and no less! We therefore find the dull and angry hammering of the big 998 cc V-twin, not at all muffled by an exhaust that is nevertheless quite imposing..

The other sensation felt, rather unsettling at the start, is induced by the very direct and responsive steering, as when riding on the road with a quad. Suddenly, we cling to the handlebars … wrongly: we constantly correct our trajectory to, in the end, zigzag stupidly. With a little practice, we end up casually putting our hands on the handlebars and letting the machine go naturally.

Rolling lounge

A few straight roads allow us to savor the comfort of the Spyder RT and familiarize ourselves with its cockpit. First of all, the seat is perfect. The position is straight and natural and the lower back are perfectly supported by the backrest provided by the passenger seat.

The saddle height of 772 mm is just anecdotal since you don’t have to dismount at any time! The electrically adjustable bubble protects the pilot and his passenger very well without creating an unpleasant stir or depression. It is therefore perfectly possible to ride with the helmet screen open to enjoy the sound of the engine, or the music !

Centrifugal force

As we approach the first bends that lead us to Sainte-Victoire mountain, cushy driving turns into piloting. While the craft invariably and calmly turns flat thanks to the electronics, centrifugal force has fun trying to knock you off your mount. And that is the great specificity of this machine !

In fact, on a motorcycle, you experience much less this force, leaning to the opposite side and wedged on the saddle. In a car, it is more sensitive but we manage to maintain ourselves thanks to the enveloping seats and the steering wheel … at worst when attacking, it pulls a little on the neck !

On the Spyder RT, the pilot only has "his muscular little arms" and legs to bend the harsh laws of physics. On the RS – the sportsman of the range – the position much further forward and resting on the handlebars makes it possible to form much more body with the machine. As for the RT passenger, he is completely quiet, well seated in his minister’s chair with heated grips. So it’s really only the RT pilot who "works" !

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