All Tests – Can-Am Spyder RT-S Test: 50% Goldwing, 50% MP3 … 100% Exotic! – Provence on three wheels is ours!

Can-Am Spyder RT-S Test: 50% Goldwing, 50% MP3 … 100% Exotic !

All Tests - Can-Am Spyder RT-S Test: 50% Goldwing, 50% MP3 ... 100% Exotic! - Provence on three wheels is ours!

An engine, a saddle, a handlebar and three wheels … and yet no, this is not the famous MP3 from Piaggio! This time it is the Can-Am Spyder in its RT-S version … or Business Class! Special Christmas essay, in music and under the Provence sun.

Provence on three wheels is ours !

Our baptism with the staff of BRP is coming to an end, the photos and videos are in the box … We just have to see what this Spyder gives over time, when the miles go by. A short trip through Marseille confirms what we already thought: Can-Am really isn’t made for the city !

Not only is it impossible to climb back up in lines, but above all, all motorists stick together to admire the machine more closely … In the end, except for the fact that it heats up a little and that its turning radius is far from be extraordinary, the Spyder does not fare worse than a car.

8 hours in the saddle

The second day of our test, the mistral blows strongly. It is freezing but has emptied the sky of all its clouds. We therefore decided to reach Plan d’Aups, at the foot of the Sainte-Baume, in Vaison-la-Romaine exclusively by small roads. For this, our Tom-Tom Rider GPS is set "to the shortest"…

Well believe us, this "shortest" mode is particularly effective, to the point that some roads are barely passable! But it’s also the assurance of digging up places that a map would not have suspected.

We have to admit that in this nosy tourist’s little game, the Spyder RT-S is a wonderful ally. You can alternate the gaits, sometimes sporty to enjoy the sound of the pot, sometimes cool to cross peacefully in music.

Unlike the RS, the Spyder RT invites more contemplation than arousal. Driving hard on small, twisting roads quickly tires your arms. One technique to save yourself a bit is to lean a bit into the inside of the turn while locking the outside arm to the handlebars.

In the end, we naturally adopt a cooler rhythm. Unfortunately, even without upshifting, the sound of the exhaust remains too present and does not allow full use of the audio installation. For GT use, we would have preferred a more subdued sound … and a bigger engine.

Casting error

While the RSV 1000’s twin engine fits the Spyder RS ​​very well, it is much less convincing on the RT. Its performance is not in question, since the 100 horsepower of the block effectively propels the 450 kg of the machine. But the driveability is not up to a GT use.

The V-twin is too rough, especially since its modest displacement, the weight of the machine and its road vocation force it to turn too fast. Ladlefully, the Spyder RT lacks between 500 and 1000 cc for top driving pleasure.

In addition, even if the gearbox is correctly staged, it is sorely lacking an overdrive sixth gear ratio. In addition, the final transmission is provided by a toothed belt. It does not attract any criticism in use, but is necessarily more fragile than a good old gimbal.

Take a small engine that has to run fast to pull a heavy load and you get a pretty good fuel consumption … During the 700 km spent riding the Spyder RT, we did not manage to go below 9 l / 100 km. The average consumption is 10.1 l / 100 km.

The angry subject

This is a lot compared to a "normal" motorcycle, even compared to a Goldwing with which Site did not exceed an average of 7 l / 100km (6.7 exactly as a reminder, read).

Certainly, the Can-Am is a pleasure machine intended for leisure / vacation use and after all, "when you love, you don’t count". But one problem persists: that of autonomy. Thus, despite its 25-liter tank, the Can-Am imposes stops every 200 km. As for its fuel gauge, it should not be relied on too much as it is "wavy"…

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