All Tests – Test Benelli Tre 899 K: the Tre Karacteristique trail! – Pure sensations!

Benelli Tre 899 K test: the Tre Karacteristique trail !

All Tests - Test Benelli Tre 899 K: the Tre Karacteristique trail! - Pure sensations!

The fruit of guilty love between a roadster and a trail, the Benelli Tre 899 K hides the temperament of the first under lines inspired by the second … A cocktail with typically Italian flavors, served well struck by the manufacturer of Pesaro ! Test.

Pure sensations !

Handlebars in hand, the Tre 899 K quickly stands out: notwithstanding the pleasant upright position and the screen adjustable to three positions via two judiciously placed knobs, the general comfort of the Benelli is much more spartan than on the Versys or the TDM.

Penalized by a mediocre turning radius, a hard saddle and suspensions to match, the Italian is not a flower of the cities. Especially since its mirrors placed at the same height as those of cars, the roughness of its engine and its heat releases penalize urban wanderings..

The half-analog (rev counter and engine temperature) half-digital (odometer, speed, time, outside temperature, daily trip, stopwatch and fuel gauge) on-board console, very readable, suggests a use of the latest technologies, but the fans of electronic chips and piloting assistance will ultimately be at their cost.

The management of the braking – powerful but not very biting – is indeed entirely entrusted to the dexterity and the sensitivity of its pilot, just like the numerous drifts of the rear wheel on slippery surfaces caused by the incredible health of the three-cylinder rital in l ” no anti-dribble and anti-slip clutch !

Old fashioned griseries…

The centerpiece of this explosive mixture, the engine developing 106 hp and 75 Nm of torque is a real feast for the senses: its cavernous and rumbling sound already promises its share of sensations barely the superb retractable key inserted into the lock to activate the starter. !

Unveiled on the TNT 899 in 2008, the 898 cc "3-leg" reproduces exactly the bore and stroke dimensions (88 * 49.2 mm) as the very first Tornado Tre: a good guarantee of potential in terms of sensations !

The only manufacturer to use this engine architecture with Triumph, Benelli has certainly put a little water in his Chianti to soften its behavior (by means of a refined injection and reworked camshaft profiles in particular). The Italian three-cylinder is more demonstrative than its English competitor, but also much less docile !

To appeal to a wider clientele, the modern Triumph Speed ​​and Street Triple have opted for a significant power supply at all speeds, but devoid of a real explosion of power in the revs. But the Pesaro bloc continues to reject any idea of ​​consensus or ease of operation. !

Unlike the production of Hinckley, the Tre 899 K grumbles and balks at work at low revs because of its calamitous injection and its ultra-sensitive throttle control: even when showing infinite smooth on the throttle or with the help of the clutch lever which is both firm and not very progressive, maneuvers at low speed are cruelly handicapped.

On the other hand, once past the 3000 laps milestone, the Italian sends a pleasing first wad, coupled with a series of violent uppercuts from 7000 to 11000 laps of the breaker: a real treat for lovers of big pâte with real pieces of character in it !

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