All Tests – With C-ABS, Honda CBRs put the brakes on the competition! – So all at the same time at the point of rope?

With C-ABS, Honda CBRs put the brakes on the competition !

All Tests - With C-ABS, Honda CBRs put the brakes on the competition! - So all at the same time at the point of rope?

Resolutely focused on safety, Honda ignores prejudices by equipping its CBR 600 and 1000 sports cars with sophisticated electronic ABS (C-ABS). A daring bet in a category where performance takes precedence but which seems poised to be won… Test !

So all at the same time to the point of rope ?

Obviously, the first builder hit hard! As for its refusal to offer a disengageable device on the handlebars, several tests with CBRs equipped or not with ABS demonstrate the merits: the C-ABS is so sophisticated and efficient, its information returns are so healthy and , in fact, so little different from conventional braking, that many inexperienced pilots could make a mistake during the first braking with a CBR with ABS deactivated…

However, if the remark is valid for the track, it takes all its sense on the road where the danger is omnipresent and where the risk of escape from the front in the rain, on greasy roads or quite simply on the white stripes of a pedestrian crossing is legion.

In the hands of a high-level pilot on the track, the CBRs equipped with a C-ABS still refined by the HRC do not risk arriving together at the point of rope, as it will have become "easy" to plant the brakes at the last moment and let the system manage ?

"Personally, I don’t believe it", answers Sebastien Charpentier."Of course, the HRC will lighten the whole and increase the speed and sensitivity of reaction to be able to register a CBR with the C-ABS in competition. But regardless of the performance offered by the system, the settings of the bike, the tires and the abilities of the rider will mean that not all will brake in the same place and therefore some will continue to double under braking. !"

However, never has a manufacturer worked so hard on the safety of its customers, while taking the risk of affecting its sales of motorcycles with a strong sporting image. But Honda is convinced of the progress brought by this major technological breakthrough and, on second thought, it is likely that C-ABS will spark nothing less than a revolution in the small world of motorcycles! It remains to be seen how much time and customer testing the winged brand will have to devote to promoting its incredible system to initiate said revolution….

Alexandre BARDIN – Photos Stan PEREC and David REYGONDEAU

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