All the Duels – Another idea of ​​the roadster – On the road: two Italian families oppose each other

Another idea of ​​the roadster

All the Duels - Another idea of ​​the roadster - On the road: two Italian families oppose each other

Very similar in their design and philosophy, are the Aprilia Shiver 750 and the Ducati Monster 796 so much on the test? This is what Site invites you to discover by comparing these two Italian motorcycles: 100% Italian duel !

On the way: two Italian families clash

On the road, the contrast is accentuated between the Aprilia and the Ducati. The Shiver remains the most accommodating on irregular surfaces, thanks to its fork which eliminates all the big bumps while its rear shock absorber fulfills its role very well despite the absence of rods.

The 796 is less pleasant on poorly maintained roads, but its single-sided arm and 180 mm rear tire (against 160 on the 696) do not jump from one bump to another: you can put gas at the exit turn !

In the series of curves, the Ducati does wonders and as long as the bitumen is of quality, it quickly overtakes Aprilia. More incisive and precise, the front axle of the 796 requires less effort than that of the Shiver. At the same level, we will therefore chain faster and more easily a succession of turns on the handlebars of the "monster".

In straight lines or long, fast curves, the same observation is made: the Aprilia cannot compete with the Ducati in terms of stability on fine tarmac. In "frank arsouille" mode, the driver of the Shiver will therefore give back his hand more quickly and will be definitively dropped by that of the Ducati.

So much so that on German highways, owners of Aprilia may not dare to block the speedometer of their mount. Less reassuring than the "796" at very high speed, the "750" prefers to cruiser at 130 km / h, or around 5750 rpm in 6th gear, absorbing bad connections better than the fast Ducati..

In the same gear and at the same speed, the Ducati’s windmill trots 750 revs lower. The Monster therefore wins another round of this match, that of consumption: the 796 and its average evaluated at 5.9 l / 100km beat the 750 and its 6.3 l / 100km.

A clear balance sheet

The difference is not huge, but it allows the Ducat ‘to cover substantially the same distance as the Aprilia with a tank capacity that is however less than one liter (15 against 16). Thus, the two Italian roadsters can on average cover 250 km with a full.

Braking level again, the Monster 796 is easier to manage. Its Brembo calipers have a moderate attack – a good point on a slippery surface, even if the ABS took care of the grain on our test model – and a dosage made more obvious thanks to the limited lowering of the fork during braking.

However, it is unfortunate – especially for the male sex – that the Monster still treats the crotch as much … The saddle leaning forward and the three-part tank had earned Site a reputation for daredevils *** to the 696 … and the same goes for the 796 !

On the other hand, the Shiver 750 and its "Aprilia" branded calipers are more difficult to pinpoint because as soon as the right lever is seized, the fork sinks generously – all things considered, it is not cross either! – and momentarily mask the feelings of the pilot.

However, ignoring this rapid dive, the owner of the Shiver 750 benefits from very powerful braking. In addition, the Metzeler Sportec M3 which fitted our test Shiver proved to be more efficient during emergency braking tests – on rough roads – than the Pirelli Diablo Rosso from the Monster..

R, S or T modes ?

Be careful with the names of the mapping modes at Aprilia: if the R always means "Rain" and the S "Sport", the T refers to the term "Touring" on the Shiver… and "Track" on the RSV4! So on the roadster, the S is more toned than the T, while on the Superbike, it’s exactly the opposite..

As for the recovery tests, they turned in favor – clean and flawless – of the Ducati. All the same taken aback by the glaring performance gap between the Monster (admittedly lighter) and the Shiver (more powerful on paper), the editorial staff of Site put the glove on a small not insignificant subtlety when it comes to wringing the handle…

By default, the Aprilia starts on the "T" map, undoubtedly the most pleasant of the three available. However, to take advantage of all the enthusiasm of the twin cylinder, it is necessary to select the "S" mode, a flick on the starter … unlike the brand’s Hypersport, the RSV4 which nevertheless has the same system (see box opposite) !

However, although the Shiver’s accelerations are then more energetic and responsive, this Sport mapping is not enough to keep in contact with a Ducati which is undoubtedly more demonstrative at low and mid-range..

In addition, what Aprilia’s relaunches gain in liveliness, they lose in driving comfort: although great efforts have been made by the Noale emblem on the electronic accelerator and the injection, the whole is lacking. still smoothness and precision: a particularly striking – and unpleasant observation! – in Sport mode.

In addition, the vocalizations of the pots are omnipresent on the 796 while it is necessary to wring the right handle more to hear those of the 750.

In the end, you will understand, the Ducati wins this duel. As the representative of Italy in a roadster market increasingly geared towards performance and glamor, the Monster 796 undeniably wins against the 2010 Shiver. Light, easy and devilishly efficient, the new Monster 796 will satisfy lovers of rhythmic walks.

However, the Shiver is not devoid of qualities: wiser – or accompanied – bikers will greatly prefer the Aprilia to the Ducati, thanks to its engine and its much more flexible suspensions which make it possible to apprehend everyday life more serenely..

One last point could possibly rebalance the balance: the Aprilia is displayed at € 7,799 against € 8,990 for the Ducati. With ABS, the tariff differential rises by € 300 (8,399 against € 9,990). However, with their very different characters, it’s hard to imagine a Monster fan being tempted by a Shiver. A Street Triple, maybe? But this is another story … to be continued on Site !

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