All the Duels – F 800 R Vs Street R: two Europeans who have the n’Rs! – Catch Me If You Can !

F 800 R Vs Street R: two Europeans who have the n’Rs !

All the Duels - F 800 R Vs Street R: two Europeans who have the n'Rs! - Catch Me If You Can !

The resistance is getting organized: tired of seeing Japanese manufacturers selling their mid-capacity roadsters by the thousands, the Europeans have reacted … and beautifully: Triumph and BMW, in particular, offer two balls of nerves. Comparative test !

Catch Me If You Can !

The city is good … but like you, we are dying to know what our two Europeans have in their guts! Direction west of Paris for a large loop that will take us through the Vexin and the Chevreuse Valley.

A short junction via the A13 to quickly escape the capital is enough to break our necks and lengthen our arms by at least 15 cm. We really take the pear on our two roadsters without nose screen, even at more or less legal speeds.

The Street finally has enough room to show off all its power and its reach: its 3-cylinder is a real turbine that ejects you with an extraordinary "gniak" and a sound that bristles all the hairs of the body. !

On the German motorway, the 675 will easily hook up to 230 km / h while the 800 will struggle to exceed 210 km / h. The 20 gap horses do feel !

Hard to stay wise…

The Triumph is a real toy with which it is difficult to remain reasonable on the road: the homogeneity between its neutral and easy cycle part and its conciliating and efficient engine is truly stunning! The new suspensions work wonderfully and bring real more efficiency.

Always so light to take, the bike is less hopping on bad surfaces where one had a little tendency to fly on the "normal" Street. Agile, lively and stable at the same time, the English is a treat in the tight sinuous as in the big fast curves..

On the BMW, the atmosphere is quite different … If the F 800 R turns out in the end hardly less efficient than its competitor, it does so with astonishing bonhomie and placidity. The German will therefore require a slight adaptation time to be taken to knock.

Its very long wheelbase makes it quite understeer: it’s very surprising in the first tight bend, especially down the Street, but you get used to it very quickly..

Oh yes hurt me !

On the F 800 R, you actually have to go in "lumberjack" mode and especially not hesitate to rush it! Its exceptionally stable cycle part will take the worst loads without flinching, while its wheelbase of 1520 mm gives the impression of being placed on a rail..

In addition, the BMW is fitted as standard with a steering damper which prevents any steering. At the beginning we do manners, we tell ourselves that the bike wants to be more comfortable than efficient in the virolos. But when we understand that we have to get into it, we have fun whipping the twin and trying to follow the Street that we never really lose sight of. On the other hand, the Behème swallows large, fast curves with impressive serenity and efficiency..

On the braking side, the two competitors are doing very well! It’s very sporty, while remaining perfectly dosable on the Street and super secure on the F 800 R thanks to its high-performance ABS.

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