All the Duels – F 800 R Vs Street R: two Europeans who have the n’Rs! – The wise and the naughty …

F 800 R Vs Street R: two Europeans who have the n’Rs !

All the Duels - F 800 R Vs Street R: two Europeans who have the n'Rs! - The wise and the naughty ...

The resistance is getting organized: tired of seeing Japanese manufacturers selling their mid-capacity roadsters by the thousands, the Europeans have reacted … and beautifully: Triumph and BMW, in particular, offer two balls of nerves. Comparative test !

The wise and the naughty…

The impression one has when looking at these two machines is immediately confirmed when one sits on their handlebars. The English is a feather: thin, compact and with a reasonable saddle height, it is particularly accessible to small sizes. On the other hand, those over 1.85 m may look a bit like toads on a matchbox….

Without being much heavier – around 15 kg more in running order – the German seems more imposing and above all much longer. A glance at the datasheets confirms: the wheelbase of the F 800 R is 135mm longer than on the Street R.

The difference is enormous, because the wheelbase of the Triumph is quite short (1385 mm) but above all, that of the BMW is extraordinarily long for a roadster of this displacement (1520 mm). Within 5 millimeters, it’s the same wheelbase as a Suzuki 1340 B-King or a Yamaha 1700 MT-01! And we will see that this has its importance in the behavior of our two competitors…

Teasing roadsters

The least we can say is that neither the F 800 R nor the Street R engenders melancholy! Moreover, the two bikes proudly display optional sports exhausts in their respective catalogs..

If the howls of the Arrow of the Street are frankly fabulous – even almost intoxicating in the city! -, the sound of the Akrapovic of the F 800 R is much more muffled.

On the German, we are hardly less tilted forward and resting on the handlebars than on the English. The very fast handling of the two machines immediately gives the pilot confidence. But be careful, because this makes these two motorcycles devilishly affordable – apparently … – to the first biker. !

In the case of the Behème, it is not very serious, but the risks are more important with the Triumph: its great ease should not make you forget that you are on board a bomb which asks only to explode. ! Beginners and hotheads refrain…

1st playground: the city

The city is one of the favorite areas of roadsters and our two Europeans like it. This is especially the case of the F 800 R, thanks to the smoothness of its transmission and the smoothness of its engine..

The Rotax 798.4 cc unit offers incredible flexibility and accepts to set off particularly low in the towers for a twin. She will be a perfect companion to go to work every day between cars.

The Street is a little more temperamental: its 3-cylinder also shows remarkable flexibility, but its injection can be brutal if you abrupt the right handle too much … Which can quickly be the case, count given the bubbling temperament of the Englishwoman !

Likewise, the Triumph suffers from a ridiculous turning radius which greatly penalizes its efficiency in traffic jams. Even to park, we find ourselves obliged to maneuver almost like in a car! On this point, the Behème does a little better.

The F 800 R for every day

In this urban context, German ends up being essential thanks to its practical aspects which make life easier. By removing the seat cowl, you can take Madame to the cinema in very good comfort, thanks to the beautiful passenger handles and the soft seat.

It is more difficult to imagine on board the English, where the unfortunate passenger will have her knees in her chin and nothing to hold on … In addition, protection against theft is non-existent on the Street: no immobilizer at coded key and barely enough to carry more than a disc lock…

And we must be all the more careful that the Triumphs are particularly coveted (read our). The F 800 R, for its part, is equipped with an original circuit breaker. In addition, the twin consumes less than the triple and its autonomy is greater despite its tank of only 16 liters (against 17.4 on the English).

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