All the Duels – F 800 R Vs Street R: two Europeans who have the n’Rs! – The price of the difference

F 800 R Vs Street R: two Europeans who have the n’Rs !

All the Duels - F 800 R Vs Street R: two Europeans who have the n'Rs! - The price of the difference

The resistance is getting organized: tired of seeing Japanese manufacturers selling their mid-capacity roadsters by the thousands, the Europeans have reacted … and beautifully: Triumph and BMW, in particular, offer two balls of nerves. Comparative test !

The price of the difference

Our two roadsters have therefore turned out to be very endearing but in different genres: with its stunteuse disguise, this F 800 R is aimed at a new clientele who would not necessarily drive in a BMW. But at the same time, with her wise side and "good friend" for every day, she could not deny her origins in Munich..

The Street Triple, it was already bordering on excellence in its "basic" version. So in this R version, it becomes downright perfect, let’s not be afraid of words! While respecting the French limitation of 106 hp, it is undoubtedly the most exciting machine to drive on the road. Only its few faults such as its turning radius and its lack of practicality come to qualify this judgment..

Conclusion: no one will be disappointed by opting for one or the other of these motorcycles, with the pleasure of riding "different" in this roadster market crushed by Japanese brands. But this difference has a price: of course, they are well worth it, but these two Europeans are found much more expensive, with equal displacement, than the Japanese competition….

Criteria BMW F 800 R Triumph Street Triple R
Aesthetics and finish 8/10 8/10
Engine and transmission approval 11/15 14/15
Performances 7/10 9/10
Sound 2/5 5/5
Road holding and stability 9/10 9/10
Agility and maneuverability 6/10 9/10
Braking 9/10 9/10
Comfort and protection 5/10 3/10
Duo 5/10 2/10
Practical aspects 2/5 1/5
Consumption and autonomy 4/5 3/5
Total / 100 68/100 72/100
Total / 20 13.6 / 20 14.4 / 20
Table comments: The qualities of the F 800 R on a daily basis are not enough to outclass the Street Triple R. The English is simply exciting !

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