All the Duels – F 800 R Vs Street R: two Europeans who have the n’Rs! – Anglo-Saxons Vs Japanese

F 800 R Vs Street R: two Europeans who have the n’Rs !

All the Duels - F 800 R Vs Street R: two Europeans who have the n'Rs! - Anglo-Saxons Vs Japanese

The resistance is getting organized: tired of seeing Japanese manufacturers selling their mid-capacity roadsters by the thousands, the Europeans have reacted … and beautifully: Triumph and BMW, in particular, offer two balls of nerves. Comparative test !

Anglo-Saxons Vs Japanese

Certainly, European manufacturers were slow to react: for more than ten years, their Japanese counterparts have taunted them by selling thousands of Bandits, Hornets, Fazers and other Z750s on their own market….

Ducati had tried well to oppose this wave with his Monster, just like Triumph with his Speed ​​Four. But if the first sold fairly well, the second made a resounding "oven" – hohoho – that the Hinckley manufacturer took a long time to digest..

With the Street Triple however, the British were able to hit hard and the "old" Europe definitely has enough to thrill the competition of the rising sun, not only thanks to the "R" version of this famous Street, but also with the very last BMW roadster: the F 800 R.

Sexy Europe

The two roadsters that we oppose today have taken care of their ramage as much as their plumage. The already fabulous Triumph Street Triple returns to us in this even sharper version, stamped with the initials "R" for Racing !

In this case, it is even closer to the Daytona 675 super sports car of which it copies the radial brake calipers and adjustable suspensions. To differentiate it from the standard model, the Street R inherits a mat gray dress underlined with a yellow of the most beautiful effect. It is also available in mat orange or mat black with beautiful golden rims..

The F 800 R is not to be outdone, since it proudly sports the colors of Chris Pfeiffer, standard bearer of the German brand and world stunt champion! Some will fall for this decoration while others will find it a little "too much" with its white rim, its stickers and the artist’s signature on the tank.

This undoubtedly makes her the funniest and most sassy of the Behemians: it remains to be seen if the ramage is up to the plumage….

Luxury Conquest Motorcycles !

Alongside the plethora of Japanese roadsters, we have to admit that our two Europeans stand out and turn out to be damn enticing. The Street has already made everyone agree on the mid-capacity roadster market and this R version intends to drive the point home !

Only its price, which still swells a little, positions it well above the Japanese roadsters: it is exchanged for € 8,990. And by adding the € 935 for the magnificent Arrow double tailpipe with which Triumph fitted our test model, we reach € 9,925. !

The F 800 R is not given either since this Christian Pfeiffer Replica version is sold for € 1,000 more than the normal version. For a seat cowl, LED indicators and a little paint, it’s rather expensive…

And if we add the ABS and the on-board computer present on our test bike, we get a note of € 9,850! In the end, by flirting with the 10 000 €, our two European machines supposed to compete with the Japanese 600 and 750 cc roadsters are instead found at the price of 1000 cc…

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