All the Duels – Face to face Honda 600 Silverwing – Suzuki Burgman 650: maximum pleasure among maxiscooters? – In the saddle !

Face to face Honda 600 Silverwing – Suzuki Burgman 650: maximum pleasure in maxiscooters ?

All the Duels - Face to face Honda 600 Silverwing - Suzuki Burgman 650: maximum pleasure among maxiscooters? - In the saddle !

In the shadow of the 500 Tmax, the Suzuki Burgman 650 and the Honda 600 Silver Wing are attracting more and more bikers, including – above all? – in winter. What are the reasons for this success ? Comparative test of two competitors with very different qualities.

In the saddle !

The services of our two scooters therefore begin even before having switched on the ignition! Thanks to their enormous carrying capacity, they allow you to transport almost anything without asking any questions. No problem to bring one or two locks – highly recommended, because maxiscooters are popular … -, a passenger helmet and some shopping.

Again, the Burgman outclasses the Silverwing, but the latter does well with a lighted trunk that barely contains two full-face helmets that are not too bulky. It also has two storage compartments, one of which is locked. Extremely annoying detail: it is very difficult to attach locks effectively on the Honda because of its small wheels (14 "front and 13" rear) and large brake discs … Fortunately, both scooters are equipped with ” coded key immobilizer.

On the Suzuki, we will no longer even speak of the trunk but of the luggage compartment: we can stay there without forcing two full-face helmets and a small bag. In the apron, we can count on three storage compartments, only one of which can be locked but it is not very roomy.

In addition, the Honda offers a large luggage rack on which you can strap a very large bag. On the Suzuki, because of the passenger backrest, it will be necessary to be satisfied with the very large passenger seat. Finally, it is always possible to adapt a top case on these two machines to further increase their loading capacities. However, this equipment can generate unpleasant turbulence and darting at high speed. !

It is impressive to see how these heavy machines can turn into nice companions as soon as we start their twin cylinders! In fact, maneuvers with the engine off must be approached with a certain amount of caution due to the weight and size of these two behemoths….

This is particularly true on the Burgman, which is further penalized by the friction of its final transmission by cascade of pinions. Fortunately, both Japanese scooters benefit from very convincing turning radii..

The magic therefore operates as soon as we start their two twins in line: with their very low centers of gravity, their large handlebars and their smooth transmissions, the two competitors are also obvious to take in hand one than the other. . They both boast the same reassuring saddle height of 74cm, but the Burgman’s bulky saddle and extra-wide running boards mean you have to spread your legs a little too far to put your foot on the ground..

The riding position is very close on both machines, both of which offer the choice between a normal sitting position and a posture with the legs relaxed forward. The latter is quite comfortable, but puts a little too much strain on the lower back on long stages.

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