All the Duels – Face to face Honda 600 Silverwing – Suzuki Burgman 650: maximum pleasure among maxiscooters? – The flagship

Face to face Honda 600 Silverwing – Suzuki Burgman 650: maximum pleasure in maxiscooters ?

All the Duels - Face to face Honda 600 Silverwing - Suzuki Burgman 650: maximum pleasure among maxiscooters? - The flagship

In the shadow of the 500 Tmax, the Suzuki Burgman 650 and the Honda 600 Silver Wing are attracting more and more bikers, including – above all? – in winter. What are the reasons for this success ? Comparative test of two competitors with very different qualities.

The flagship

Braking is precisely one of the rare small faults of the Burgman: quite powerful in absolute terms, it is nevertheless quickly overwhelmed by the weight and the length of the machine. Suddenly, the ABS is triggered a little too often on greasy road, at the front as at the rear.

For the rest, Suzuki’s maxiscooter is very endearing. Of course, it cannot claim as much sportiness as the Yamaha 500 Tmax, but it likes to adopt a lively rhythm. You will still have to keep a smooth ride because the weight quickly reminds you to order. Speed ​​yes, improvisation no! In addition, on very degraded roads, the Burgman will be quite hopping. When driving at a good speed, it is important to load the front well when entering a curve so as not to widen and we will often use the rear brake to keep the rope.

The engine is less rich in sensations than that of the Honda, but just as efficient. If he is taxed by the Silverwing in times, he hangs a better top speed (more than 190 km / h).

As for the choice of the different transmission modes, it all really depends on the tastes of the pilot: some people love the Sequential mode in muscular driving but for our part, we only had recourse to it to pass the Overdrive (OD or a 6th gear overdrive which allows you to drive at good speed on a fairly low speed) on road or motorway, to consume less.

The Overdrive can also be used to descend a collar on the engine brake without heating the brakes. On the other hand, we can keep the normal automatic mode (called Eco) for the city or to cross quietly on the road. The twin cylinder then shows perfect flexibility and smoothness, with reasonable engine braking. Only the sound is a little disappointing.

Finally, for fun, we will retain the automatic Power mode: the gearbox then maintains the engine speed 2000 rpm higher than in Eco mode, thus offering much more muscular pick-up but also a very present engine brake. Unfortunately, consumption is also skyrocketing !

GTA: Grand Touring Automatic

Whatever the rhythm adopted on the handlebars of the Burgman, its pilot evolves in a very high level of comfort: pleasant position, soft and heated seat, protection at the top, it is like in a bubble of happiness, rain or shine. it’s snowing … but not windy! With its huge fairing, the Suzuki does not like wind in general, and sideways in particular..

Ditto with the Honda which also protects well and offers the advantage of not creating an aerodynamic depression, which pushes the pilot in the back as on the Burgman at high speed. Nothing serious so far. The seat is quite comfortable on the Silverwing, but the damping is drier and the wheels are an inch smaller at the front and rear..

On the other hand in terms of autonomy, the Honda takes a serious advantage over the Suzuki: with a larger tank (16 liters against 15) and more reasonable fuel consumption (5.9 l / 100km against 6.4), the 600 travels 40 km more than the 650. And it is all the more frustrating on the part of the Burgman that its aptitudes to ride far and for a long time are truly excellent…

With the Honda 1800 Gold Wing, the Suzuki maxiscooter is arguably the nicest two-wheeled vehicle to take a passenger. Moreover, motorcycle taxis (sorry, "motorbike passenger transport") were not mistaken in adopting it en masse. Even the most terrified passengers in the back of a motorcycle will appreciate the Burgman rides, which are also very decent in the back of the Honda..

On the two machines, however, it will be necessary to adopt a fluid and reasonable pace as a duo, because the passenger brings the center of gravity of the crew even further back. The precision and stability of the front axle can then be affected..

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