All the Duels – Harley-Davidson 48 Vs Triumph Thruxton: the Anglo-Saxons clash! – It’s so “in” to be “out”!

Harley-Davidson 48 Vs Triumph Thruxton: the Anglo-Saxons clash !

All the Duels - Harley-Davidson 48 Vs Triumph Thruxton: the Anglo-Saxons clash! - It’s so

Post-modern bobber or neo-retro cafe-racer? While riding on such motorcycles, one is sure not to come across the same one on every street corner. But it comes at a price: that of exclusivity. Two Free Electron Test: Harley 48 Vs Triumph Thruxton.

It’s so "in" to be "out" !

In an age when it is terribly fashionable not to be fashionable, these two bikes will certainly have their admirers. If the latter are not put off by the exclusivity and the lack of practicality, it is a safe bet that they will acquire it. Above all, it will be totally subjective criteria such as the look or the brand stamped on the tank that will decide..

Thus, the Forty-Eight is reserved for fans of Harley-Davidson who fall for this look of stripped bobber. The Thruxton is more formatted for normal use, but this is also what purists may blame..

Finally, their rather plump selling prices remain – around 10,000 euros – for machines that we can easily imagine as a second motorcycle … Even if it is not very expensive for a Harley, the Forty-Eight is exchanged all the same against 10,595 euros. The Thruxton is more accessible (1000 euros less), although an absolutely irresistible special edition (with its white dress, its red frame and its small screen) will be available very soon for 9 990 euros.

Criteria Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight Triumph thruxton
Aesthetics and finish 9/10 8/10
Engine and transmission approval 10/15 11/15
Performances 5/10 6/10
Sound 3/5 2/5
Road holding and stability 6/10 7/10
Agility and maneuverability 5/10 6/10
Braking 5/10 7/10
Comfort and protection 2/10 6/10
Duo 0/10 0/10
Practical aspects 1/5 1/5
Consumption and autonomy 1/5 4/5
Total / 100 47/100 58/100
Total / 20 9.4 / 20 11.6 / 20
Table comments: Obviously, the exclusivity and the extreme skinning of the Forty-Eight penalize it in this point count. The Thruxton is definitely more versatile and suitable for normal use.

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