All the Duels – Peugeot Metropolis 400 RS test: finally a worthy competitor of the MP3? – A 3-wheeler equipped for everyday life

Peugeot Metropolis 400 RS test: finally a worthy competitor of the MP3 ?

All Duels - Peugeot Metropolis 400 RS Test: Finally a worthy competitor of MP3? - A 3-wheeler equipped for everyday life

The insolent success of the Piaggio MP3 in France could not leave our national manufacturer without reaction: it is done with this new three-wheel scooter Peugeot Metropolis 400 of which we tested the sport version, the RS ! First try.

A 3-wheeler equipped for everyday life

With a price flirting with 9000 euros, Peugeot could not afford to skimp on the equipment of its Metropolis: the new French three-wheel scooter is therefore richly endowed, even if certain finishing details are still annoying on this pre-production version..

For example, it is impossible to slip a modular helmet in the trunk, and only a full-face helmet that is not too bulky will fit into the shoehorn. Peugeot has promised us to work to gain the few millimeters that are missing … Stay tuned !

No key !

The Metropolis is fitted as standard with a "Smart Key" keyless system. The pilot is therefore content to keep in his pocket the very chic transponder, which will be automatically recognized by the vehicle within a radius of 1.50 m. Just turn the switch, which then lights up blue, to start the scooter.

In use, it is very practical and intuitive. In addition, Peugeot assures us that the electric parking brake – which is activated using a button placed in the center of the handlebars – constitutes excellent protection against theft by blocking the rear wheel..

Hopefully this is the case, because it seems very difficult to put the slightest lock in the small wheels of the new French scooter ("made in Mandeure").

Not sexy but complete

The dashboard offers a gloomy "past" gray, as if it had sunk too much. It is nevertheless very complete and notably displays a tire pressure sensor. The latter does not give the exact pressure, but alerts the driver as soon as the pressure drops in one of the three tires. Well seen on a vehicle intended for users not necessarily very inclined to monitor this kind of thing.

For the rest, nothing is missing: exterior and engine temperatures, average and instantaneous consumption, remaining autonomy, clock … and speed of course, to be monitored like milk on the fire these days. !

Daily "Facilitator"

The Metropolis scores the most for its ergonomics and practicality. The height of its windshield, for example, can be adjusted manually in two seconds … but not while driving !

Aspherical mirrors eliminate all dangerous blind spots in town well … but still do not exempt the pilot from making a small direct control by turning his head! Note also the driver backrest adjustable in depth by 4 cm and the excellent retractable passenger footrests.

But it is high time to see what this new Peugeot Metropolis three-wheel scooter has in its belly … and especially in the front axle !

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