All the Duels – Peugeot Metropolis 400 RS test: finally a worthy competitor of the MP3? – Calibration against the reference

Peugeot Metropolis 400 RS test: finally a worthy competitor of the MP3 ?

All the Duels - Peugeot Metropolis 400 RS test: finally a worthy competitor of the MP3? - Calibration against the reference

The insolent success of the Piaggio MP3 in France could not leave our national manufacturer without reaction: it is done with this new three-wheel scooter Peugeot Metropolis 400 of which we tested the sport version, the RS ! First try.

Calibration against the reference

Even if this Metropolis is still only a pre-series, we could not test it with dignity without comparing it to the market reference which is also its designated target: the Piaggio MP3 500 LT. If 100 cc (94 in reality) separate them, they are displayed at roughly the same price (within 100 euros) and are equal in terms of power (37.2 for the Peugeot against 40.1 hp for the Piaggio).

First observation without appeal: the Peugeot is unanimous in terms of look among users of two, three or four motorized wheels !

The MP3 "Business" seduces passers-by with the brown color of its saddle and the classy appearance of its grille, but the more elegant and aggressive side of the Metropolis wins the majority of votes. !

Ergonomics: France advantage !

Difficult for a pilot with big feet to return to the Piaggio: beyond size 37, it is very difficult to find room for his feet, especially on the right with the brake pedal. And with a passenger, his feet tend to hit the pilot’s ankles … unless you ask him to put them "in duck".

If the handlebars are placed a little higher, on the other hand, we have the impression of having the knees in the apron. But the MP3 will not be better suited to small riders, since its saddle height is 1 cm higher.

MP3, king of the city

A little easier to understand and intuitive, the MP3 500 is more pleasant in the city. Its engine is smoother and its fire starts more punchy. Its front axle is a little more manoeuvrable, but as soon as you leave the city the match is balanced and the Metropolis asserts its beautiful reach.

It is only at top speed that the Piaggio regains the upper hand, exceeding 160 km / h where the Peugeot is content to flirt with the 155 km / h counter. But driven at high speed in the turns, the Italian chassis is less homogeneous and a little more "chewing gum" than the French.

It’s a safe bet that if Peugeot fine-tunes its front axle as planned – the Lion masters the science of running gear on its 2 and 4 wheels well – the MP3 will have a problem with good and bad surfaces !

The more rigorous Peugeot

With its very nervous front end which locks and widens the trajectory as soon as it is abrupted, the Metropolis does not like improvisation. MP3 is more accommodating but squirms happily when the pace picks up.

Remember that the two three-wheelers have no ABS system. If the Peugeot does go well, the Piaggio deserves one urgently … Even in the dry, the rear wheel locks too quickly and if we really insist, it’s the turn of the front wheels.

On the other hand, the brake dosage (its distribution between the levers, especially) is more convenient on board the Piaggio.

Speed ​​and precipitation…

Despite its youthful flaws, this pre-series of the Peugeot Metropolis 400 RS is certainly promising. The ergonomics and space granted to the pilot and his passenger are excellent, and the equipment is as provided as it is useful and well thought out..

The engine is doing very well in view of its displacement and the very healthy chassis deserves a front axle at its level. But why rush and try pre-series as of May 2 in the? At 8,899 euros, a potential customer risks being disappointed by a safe that opens by itself while driving, or by a front axle that blows up the fillings on the cobblestones !

In short, this Metropolis was born, but it is a premature one who would undoubtedly deserve a few additional months of incubator to finally arrive in great shape and have the nice career it deserves..

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