All the Duels – R1200R 2011 Vs Griso 8V SE: German rigor or Italian charm … – Mamma mia what motorcycles …

R1200R 2011 Vs Griso 8V SE: German rigor or Italian charm…

All the Duels - R1200R 2011 Vs Griso 8V SE: German rigor or Italian charm ... - Mamma mia what motorcycles ...

Certain prejudices die hard … By opposing the new R1200R and the Griso 8V SE, Site wanted to avoid the stereotypes attributed to Germanic and transalpine products. It’s missed: BMW and Moto Guzzi maintain their reputations ! Duel.

Mamma mia what motorcycles…

Much lower and more "muscular" appearance than the BMW, the Moto Guzzi impresses more, in particular thanks to – or "because of", it is according to the age of the captain – its enormous and dark engine! And casually, the Griso saddle culminates at the same height as that of the R1200R, or 800 mm.

The majority of bikers touch the ground with both feet on these two motorcycles, but the little ones will not find the expected companion in the Guzzi. In addition to this relatively high saddle height – higher than the tank at the same time long, thin and low lets suspect it in any case -, the weight of the machine limits its access. !

According to the Moto Guzzi technical sheet, the Griso 8V SE weighs no less than 231 kg dry, and this is felt during maneuvers with the engine off! With these cylinders placed lower and – above all! – Its 198 kg (also dry), the R1200R is much easier to understand and more obvious to handle.

A difference in weight !

The owners of roadsters will also find the driving position of the BMW more natural: the knees and the arms are less apart than on the Goudzi, the handlebars of the Behème are placed closer to the pilot and does not oblige him to lean on the tank, a fortiori during U-turns when the steering is at a stop.

We also note that the R1200R shines a little better than the Griso, making it all the more comfortable in an urban environment. Likewise, the rear-view mirrors of the Munich-based driver are less inconvenient during the – cautious – lane ups. At first, however, Flat novices will just have to be careful not to hit their shins too much when setting foot on the ground. !

The great connoisseurs of Guzzi – big by the size of their legs! – will be delighted to learn that the left knee does not hit the top of the cylinder, which happens on the Stelvio and Norge models which are supposed to be more welcoming !

Still in terms of the legs, the distance between the saddle and the footrests is slightly shorter on the Griso. In general, therefore, comfort is slightly less on the Italian. It should be noted on this occasion that the catalog of accessories aimed at improving the conditions of the pilot (low saddle, heated grips, cases, screen, etc.) is no longer provided at BMW…

Mandatory and optional options

BMW France officials did not hesitate to dig into it to equip our test model, selecting option kit number 2 – which includes the famous ESA II used to adjust the suspensions, the heated grips, the ‘on-board computer, the sport screen and the white LED indicators -, the I-ABS "Generation 2" and the ACS (anti-skating) !

At the same time, these options increase the bill by € 1,130, € 1,085 and € 305 respectively, ie a total including VAT for "our" 2011 R1200R of € 14,790, instead of the € 12,270 required for the basic version. Priced at € 12,490, the Griso 8V SE – it’s € 500 more than the Griso 8V "just short" – scores a point here.

Once installed on their handlebars, pilots discover relatively similar instrument panels, where trendy digital screens sit alongside more old-fashioned analog tachometers….

On the BMW, engine speed and speed are indicated by two dials with needles. We then realize that the size of the inscriptions are tiny: myopic people will have to concentrate at the beginning to distinguish the 100 from 120 km / h … But on the road, the difference can be expensive. !

On the central screen, on the other hand, reading the gear engaged does not pose any problem, as well as that of the gasoline and engine temperature gauges, the time or the outside temperature, the average speed or consumption, the total mileage. or partial, or even the number of kilometers that can be covered before running out of fuel.

Where are the turn signals ?

Unlike the K1600 or the S1000RR, the R1200R remains faithful to the original turn signal control system … A choice that is still not unanimous among the editorial staff: manage the throttle while turning off the thumb indicators right is not the most convenient !

The Griso’s commodos are not quite classic either: the Italians have seen fit to reverse the horn control with those of the indicators. The results of the operation are hardly more convincing.

In the meantime, the Guzzi’s dashboard is as well equipped as "our" R1200R decked out with its optional on-board computer: the Griso continuously indicates the time, the outside temperature and the odometer. By means of a button located on the left stalk, you can then discover the many additional information.

These are two partial trips as well as their respective running time, average consumption, maximum and average speed! On the other hand, we regret the absence of a fuel gauge: unless the reserve warning light comes on, you will have to open the hatch – giant and very beautiful – of the tank to know the level of Super !

Another witness warns the stunned user who allegedly left his Griso’s side stand deployed. This lateral one is moreover difficult to find at the beginning: hidden under the collector, one catches it with the tip of the foot thanks to the lug mounted "in a hurry" – at least that is the impression that the two large screws that binds it to its crutch !

Let us take the opportunity to underline, once is not custom, the presence of series of a central on the BMW! Easy to use, it will not be used to lubricate the chain – it is a cardan transmission of course – but can be useful for parking the machine.

Regarding the practical aspects precisely, the BMW accepts just to accommodate a small disk block under its saddle unlike the Guzzi which turns out to be full like an egg. Four lugs placed on the rear buckle of the Griso, however, allow a bag to be secured. The R1200R does not. Match – very – zero between these two roadsters, so…

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