All the Duels – The new queens of Superbike – When Europe makes the interest in Japan …

The new queens of Superbike

All the Duels - The new queens of Superbike - When Europe makes the interest in Japan ...

Traditionally dominated by the Japanese, the Superbike segment saw its fundamentals shaken up by the rise of European production, mainly the Aprilia RSV4 R and the BMW S1000RR … Comparative test on the road and on the circuit !

When Europe does the inter ‘in Japan…

After decades of merciless struggle with great reinforcements of racing technologies and a relentless quest for the ideal weight / power ratio, the Japanese leadership in the hypersport segment is gradually being called into question..

For lack of real competition in a gloomy economic climate, Japanese manufacturers have been more pragmatic and sometimes a little conservative, with the notable exception of the new Yamaha YZF-R1 with its motorization modeled on the MotoGP M1, which won the competition. world titles in Superbike and Endurance upon release.

But as powerful as it is, the Yam ‘must also deal with the arrival of competitors with long teeth: the sculptural Aprilia RSV4 (read) and the impressive BMW S1000RR (read).

The first bomb dropped in the Japanese garden, the Aprilia is heading at high speed towards its first World Superbike title: the only production sports bike to adopt a V4 – an engine architecture that has been used in MotoGP by Honda and Suzuki for several seasons – , the RSV4 impresses both with its speed and the balance of its double-beam aluminum chassis. Result: the Italian duo "Biaggi-RSV4" leads the world championship with two poles, thirteen podiums and nine victories on the clock.

Another idea of ​​Hypersport

More discreet in the WSBK (currently one pole and two podiums), the BMW S1000RR, on the other hand, is the new benchmark for the national championships and literally crushes the Superstock 1000 with Ayrton Badovini: already titled, the German has already signed seven pole and eight wins … in eight races !

This cardboard box can be explained in part by the poor preparation required to make the Bavarian missile an authentic racing beast: developing the trifle of 193 hp and 112 Nm of torque in its original juice, the in-line four-cylinder of 999 cc with pawl distribution has unmatched health and extension of 7000 at 14000 rpm of the breaker.

And the best part is that this demonic power is perfectly controllable with the help of electronic assistance whose sophistication cuts, again, the grass under the feet of the Japanese. Not content with adopting variable admission, an accelerator ride-by-wire (without cables) and a Race-ABS of only 2.5 kg, the Behème also offers several injection maps working in concert with an anti-wheeling saver and an elaborate anti-skating.

Obviously, with such high claims, these two Europeans were intended to compete under Site arbitration … To find out which is the most effective in its version intended for "Monsieur-Tout-Le-Monde", the Journal Moto du Net therefore opposed the Aprilia RSV4 R (read) and the BMW S1000RR (read) on the road and on the La Ferte Gaucher circuit (77).

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