All the Duels – The sport in the sauce two and a half! – WR cities …

Sport in a sauce two and a half !

All the Duels - The sport in the sauce two and a half! - WR cities ...

No murderous bridle, no superfluous weight, no fear of putting the handle in the corner … These days, these two little sporty 250ccs are a real breath of fresh air. Let’s go for a fun face to face !

WR cities…

Come on, let’s stop listing the long list of impractical WR 250 X’s shortcomings and turn to its qualities, which are also numerous !

Like all supermotards, it is easy to learn and a great tool in town. In this environment where you often have to set foot on the ground, you are not in the least intimidated by its saddle height as the bike is thin and light. After two minutes, we are already slipping between the cars like an eel.

The mono is as flexible as it is voluntary and the 6-speed gearbox is perfectly forgotten. It should be noted that the machine in our test had a 12-tooth gearbox output pinion instead of the original 13, following a circuit trip.

Therefore, the motorcycle pulls shorter and necessarily knocks less at low speed. For urban use where top speed does not matter, it could be pulled a little shorter. Because the WR encourages play, a lot … almost too much, at times !

You really have to think about yourself not to drive like a fade, no matter how dense the traffic is. It’s simple, even a disabled stunt can turn into a boulevard acrobat. Wheeling, stopping, even going up and down stairs … the Yamaha really does not create monotony.

In this respect, and despite its modest engine capacity, it is not necessarily aimed at novice bikers as it is push-to-crime. We just regret an electronic injection which generates a few jerks when cut-off and when going around.

Wise and Easy Ninja

Little Kawa doesn’t encourage the same eccentricities in town. Its rather weak twin at low revs rather induces a supple and smooth steering. In this exercise, the little sportswoman turns out to be a hyper efficient utility and at the same time relaxing.

Easy to swing with its bicycle tires, it steers well and would squeeze perfectly between lines of cars without its somewhat wide mirrors. Admittedly, the rider is not seated as high as on the Yamaha, but the Kawa has nothing to envy in handling to its competitor.

We only blame the Green for its gearbox, which is singularly lacking in precision. Lack of pot, as the engine is quite hollow below 7000 rpm, we tend to juggle a lot with the six gears in traffic.

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