Alpinestars Corozal WP: tried out waterproof enduro boots

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Alpinestars Corozal WP: tried out waterproof enduro boots
Markus Jahn.



Alpinestars Corozal WP: tried out waterproof enduro boots

Alpinestars Corozal WP
Tried waterproof enduro boots

The Alpinestars Corozal WP accompanied us on 5,000 kilometers. How did the waterproof enduro boot perform in practice?

Jorg Lohse

April 20, 2020

On the cross slopes of this world, the footwear is the northern Italian “Edelweiss cobbler’s shop” the hip power.

Although the Corozal WP model cannot keep up with the uncompromising Tech series in the tough terrain comparison, that was not the goal either. Rather, they wanted to use many borrowings from the professional sector to create an enduro hiking boot that was very suitable for everyday use and all-rounder – which was able to stand out impressively on our 5000 kilometer tire test tour.

Waterproof even on long passages in the rain

Slip in, drive off and feel good – that would actually say all the essentials. But let’s take a closer look at the test protocol, where it is noted that the boots comfortably surround the feet with their well-padded interior and are always pressure-free.

The buckles are designed to be sufficiently stable, even for typical enduro hiking, and restraint and mobility are at a high level. The feet stay pleasantly dry even after long passages in rain and when driving through water. Small handicap: when walking, the buckles creaked and squeaked very emphatically. But: These boots are not made for walking …

Noticed positively: Waterproof, comfortable and robust

Noticed negatively: Squeaking when walking

Sizes: 40 to 47 (7 to 12)

Price: 259.95 euros

MOTORCYCLE Rating: 5 stars out of a possible 5


The Alpinestars Corozal WP made an excellent impression over 5,000 kilometers. Only the squeaking when walking was a bit annoying – but it doesn’t bother when driving.

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